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Spencer Pratt Parents : Their Constant Feuds Detailed

Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt and his longtime partner Heidi Montag are eager to have their second child. According to Spencer, having children has made him “appreciate humanity more”: After the birth of their son Gunner Stone in October 2017 

One of the pioneers of reality television was Spencer Pratt. Pratt, one of the most renowned and contentious stars of MTV’s The Hills, a spin-off of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, was a drama magnet. The Hills: New Beginnings, a second season of the program, had Pratt as the lead.

“Seeing a baby so innocent is my favorite aspect of fatherhood. It has helped me enjoy humanity more till I watch a human being be born, watch a small infant grow and learn how to grin, and wait for a baby to giggle.

According to reports, Spencer’s father wanted him to change his last name.

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Where was Spencer Pratt born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Janet and William Pratt welcomed Spencer into the world on August 14, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. Stephanie, Pratt’s sister, and Kristin, her half-sister from Janet’s first marriage, both grew up with him.

The Brampton Guardian reports that William Pratt requested that Spencer alter his last name because he was sick of having to explain his problematic son to people. Spencer stated to the media:

“My respected dentist father wanted me to change my last name since he was constantly having to defend me to other people. I gained 50 pounds because I was depressed.

According to Spencer’s sister, he was the preferred child. Spencer and Stephanie rarely agree, at least not on television. The reality stars frequently fight, at times going weeks or months without speaking to one another.

In the wake of their argument in 2019, Stephanie asserted that her parents had supported Spencer in the same way they had when the siblings were younger.

Speaking on the Pratt Cast podcast, Stephanie said, For all I know, my parents have abandoned me.”

Along with that, I managed to flee a severely problematic home. It’s very challenging. Except for her niece, Stephanie said that none of her family members remembered to wish her a happy birthday. She said that her parents consistently supported the wrong child. She clarified:

Since I was about 18, my brother has always done it. He was never advised to get employment. I worked as an intern in high school, as a hostess at a restaurant, and then I worked in a clothes store. My parents would constantly remind me to “get a job, get a job.” Spencer was engaged in what? He performed in Malibu.

“I just don’t understand why they respect him so much more than they do me,” Stephanie said, “since they forced me to grin and bear all the things that Heidi’s done for my family for the past ten years.”

She attributed the conflict between her and her family to Heidi, Spencer’s wife. Spencer was the favorite kid, Stephanie claimed, but she also claimed that her parents had left him out of their will.

Stephanie added, My brother was cut out of the will because of how horrible he is as a human.

In response to his grandparents, Spencer and Heidi denied sheltering their kid. Stephanie accused Spencer and his wife of several things, including hiding Gunner from Janet and William.

Stephanie’s allegations were refuted by Heidi and Spencer. The pair were seen on Hollywood Medium. Tyler Perry is there with Janet to help her channel her late mother. In an embrace, Heidi comforted Janet, who had been crying throughout the event. On the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast, Montag said:

“I’ve had an extremely difficult week. With a family member, I dealt with a lot of on-Hills drama, which was difficult and upsetting. There may have been some extremely scathing remarks that weren’t even accurate, in my opinion.

Spencer said, “If you think you’re going to walk on my lovely angel, Heidi, you’ve got something coming.”

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