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Sofia Franklyn: ‘Call Her Daddy’ Host Alex Cooper Friends Now?

Sofia Franklyn

Call Her Daddy, a popular advice and comedy podcast hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper debuted in 2018.

However, the two friends split up in the late spring of 2020 after a public feud with Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy. The podcast was owned and distributed by Barstool until June 2021.

The public feud between the two eventually led to Franklyn leaving the podcast and Cooper hosting it on her own.

Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn

We’re not going to be friends anytime soon.

Since Franklyn and Cooper ended their relationship, fans have been asking if they would ever see them together again. Not only that, but fans want to know if they are still friends.

When she appeared on an episode of The Morning Toast in February 2022, the former Call Her Daddy co-host addressed all of those questions.

She implied that the former coworkers and best friends were unlikely to reunite.

During the conversation, Franklyn even joked that she might reconsider working with Cooper if the current Call Her Daddy host offered her $30 million. She was referring to Cooper’s $60 million contract with Spotify in 2021.

“It was also difficult to see something you’d worked on for so [expletive] long being sold for that amount of money,” Franklyn said of the Spotify and Call Her Daddy partnership.

She went on to say, “I think if I had stayed on the show and we hadn’t betrayed each other… I honestly believe we could have sold it for more money, which was always our goal.”

To cut to the chase, Franklyn’s words make it clear that she and Cooper are not friends, and they have no plans to reconcile.

Sofia Franklyn Launches Her Podcast

While Cooper kept hosting the Call Her Daddy podcast, Franklyn launched her own, Sofia With an F.

In addition to where she is now in her career, the internet personality told The Morning Toast host Claudia Oshry that she was in a “90% better place.”

Franklyn also stated that she would be lying if she said she was completely back to who she was when she worked at Call Her Daddy.

Cooper, on the other hand, appears to be doing exceptionally well with the long-running show. Her most recent episode, starring former adult star Julia Fox, is also doing exceptionally well.

In the interview, Fox discussed her experiences in the adult industry and her feelings about her boyfriend Kanye West still pining over his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

“For the show, the last few weeks have been crazy. “Thank you to the Daddy Gang for always believing in me and giving the episodes a chance before passing judgment,” Cooper tweeted after the interview was praised.

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