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Sketch is a newly discovered YouTuber who focuses on Roblox roleplays. Sketch has over 2.8 million subscribers to his YouTube account, where he also posts minigames, tycoons, and hobbies.

Quick Biography

What is the Net Worth of Sketch? Salary, Earnings

In terms of Sketch’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTube gamer who has accumulated a sizeable fortune at such a young age through his gaming videos. The social media sector is where he earns the majority of his money.

He has posted 1,171 videos to YouTube, and they have received more than 560 million views. He produces ten films on average each month. The sketch is valued at $1.1 million as of January 2023.

Where was Sketch born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Sketch is a guy of 22 years old. He was born on April 29, 1998, in Massachusetts. He was born under the sign of Taurus, and his full name is Elijah P. Best. He also has an identical twin brother called Ethan Best.

He used to work on video projects with his twin sibling as well. Later, he broke up with his twin sibling and started making his videos. His brother started a different YouTube channel called BandiRue, which soon became well-known for its playthroughs and montages of Roblox games.

Furthermore, there is no information available regarding his parents. Despite being an American resident, he has not revealed his ethnicity. He might be enrolled in an institution, but he hasn’t revealed anything about his academic background.

Is Sketch Single? Relationship

The sketch appears to be single at the time in terms of his love life. However, he has never been married and is fatherless. Currently, Sketch is focusing all of its efforts on advancing its YouTube business. On his social media pages, he has never mentioned his partners. He did, however, upload a movie called “Meet my girlfriend.. | Flix & Chill” to the Roblox game.

Aside from that, he has never been involved in a conflict or had rumors about his personal or work life. His image has remained untarnished.

How tall is Sketch? Weight, Hair Color

The sketch is a charming young guy with a good demeanor. He is of average height and has a lean frame. He also has brown hair and dark brown eyes. His size, weight, body measurements, and other physical traits are also unknown.

How did Sketch start his Professional Career?

On September 5, 2016, Elijah launched his professional job by launching his YouTube channel, “Sketch.” He uploaded “WHO’S SKETCH!” to YouTube on October 1, 2016, and it has received about 709,676 views. His portrayal of himself as a Roblox participant in his first film was very clever.

Similarly to that, he started creating Roblox content for his account in the middle of 2016. This is a multiplayer online game where you use virtual Lego-like blocks. One of the most well-known films is “Ben 10 in Real Life!”. A little over 17,636,454 people had viewed it as of April 2020 after it was posted on September 29, 2017. Along with that, he sent his sibling Ethan a video of Diamond Head and Heat Blast competing in a face-off.

5.8 million people have watched his other film, “Evil Ben 10 (Albedo) in Real Life,” which was posted on October 8, 2017. Additionally, he and his brother worked together to create this movie. He and his sibling are shown fighting over Ben’s 10 watches. Later, when the timepieces come to life and start to annoy them, they both realize that something strange is occurring. It also showed how they demolished the watches after facing many challenges.

In a similar vein, interest in his eerie text collection has grown. On June 8, 2018, “CREEPY TEXTS FROM GRANNY!” was published and received approximately 8,407,927 hits. “CREEPY TEXTS FROM BALDI,” “THE LAST GUEST – A Sad Roblox Movie (Reaction”),” and “PIGGY But I Use GLITCHES to WIN. ” are a few of his other notable films. Over a billion people have viewed these movies.

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