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Simone Biles Reveals Details Of Her Courthouse Wedding And Her Upcoming Bigger Ceremony

Simone Biles

The Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles disclosed that she and her husband have plans for a destination wedding in a few weeks.

“Since our wedding will be a destination wedding, we had to get married ‘legally’ in the United States,” Biles said in an Instagram story on April 23. She also altered her Instagram and Twitter profiles to reflect her new surname: Simone Biles Owens.

While the gymnast did not disclose the location of her “big wedding,” she did mention that some of the guests are still awaiting their passports, indicating that it will take place in a foreign country.

Biles continued her tradition of answering fans’ queries about the wedding planning process by hosting another Instagram Q&A on April 23, a day after the couple shared photos from their courthouse wedding in Houston, confirming their marriage.

“I do,” Biles captioned an April 22 post with a white heart emoticon and the phrase “officially owens.”

Simone disclosed that the couple purchased “everything” for their Houston wedding this past week, including her shoes and their wedding bands from Amazon.

“Not quite as prepared for the courthouse ceremony as I am for the big wedding,” she said.

Biles also revealed that her sister arrived late to the ceremony at the Harris County Courthouse in 1910, meaning “she missed the entire thing.”

“Admittedly, it was quick, but still,” Biles said with an emoji of laughter. “Typical Adria.”

The younger sister of Biles will have the opportunity to attend her older sister and Owens’ “big wedding,” which will have between 135 and 140 guests, including “gym reunions,” implying that some of her Olympic team members may be present.

Biles disclosed that she and Owens did not allow guests to bring plus ones to their destination wedding because they wished for it to be “as intimate as possible.”

She said,

“I know this is controversial, but I’m constantly meeting new people on a daily basis, and I love that, as well as you.” On my wedding day, however, I did not wish to meet new individuals.

Biles added that the couple went so far over budget for their wedding, which Biles said will have a champagne, gold, and white color scheme, that they decided there “is no longer a budget.”

“You only live once,” she declared.

She revealed that the most costly aspect of the wedding was the flowers and that she will have four dresses: “Kind of dramatic, but you only have a wedding once.”

Biles stated that she will write her own vows, but she is unsure of how she will deliver them. “I was so emotional and choked up during the simple courthouse ceremony,” she said.

What will not go according to plan for her next ceremony? The number of eight attendants and seven groomsmen is an uneven number.

She added a chuckling emoji after stating,

“That drives me absolutely insane because it’s not even for pictures, but oh well.”

Biles stated that after the nuptials, the couple will go on a “mini-moon,” but their actual honeymoon will be at a different location.

“We are considering Bora Bora,” she said, adding that since the football season is about to resume, the couple will delay “a little bit” before departing for their honeymoon.

Biles and Owens, a Houston Texans safety, met in March 2020 and “have been inseparable ever since,” according to the gymnast. Just days after their Valentine’s Day engagement in 2022, the couple discussed the early days of their relationship on TODAY.

“We’re together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so when we’re apart it feels almost strange,” she explained. “We text or call each other constantly. It’s disgusting in a way.”

Biles stated in an Instagram Q&A that the couple will likely honor their anniversary on the day of their destination wedding, but they will likely celebrate both dates.

“I am usually good at remembering things, but I would be horrified if I forgot one… so I immediately put it in my calendar and set a yearly reminder,” she said.

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