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Who is Shadman?

Shadman is a Swiss musician and YouTuber. He has frequently been despised for his rule 34 and comics that contain child-adult content.

Shadman has been developing stuff since 2009, such as the art of loli and Elastigirl. He launched his website under the domain name Shadman in 2009. The YouTube channel was also established in 2010. Animator Sr Pelo is a personal friend of his. He has also appeared on SleepyCabin. His gender is unknown, however, he is thought to be bisexual.

Where was Shadman born? Family, Education

Shaddai Prejean, On September 9, 1990, in Switzerland, Aka Shadman was born. Nobody in his family is known. He received his basic education at a neighborhood school. Shadman was expelled from his school for drawing crude caricatures of young women. He also went to art school to hone his artistic abilities.

Who exactly is Shadman Prejean?

After becoming embroiled in a scandal, the YouTuber known for sketching characters such as Elastigirl and Loli was forced to halt his work. According to YouTube.fandom, Shadai relocated from Switzerland to Los Angeles after his work was widely acclaimed in his native country.

His art comprised object sketches, drawings of imaginary characters, and time-lapse drawings. Shadman’s YouTube channel is no longer active. He also never showed his face to anyone.
Shaddai and Shadman are no strangers to contention. He faced a lot of controversy for creating lewd depictions of underage girls, including Elastigirl and Loli.

Keemstar, a YouTuber, was also entangled in a drama in which he was accused of drawing his daughter. He had indicated that if Donald Trump won, he would sketch a portrait of his daughter. He even mentioned painting Loli of Keemstars’ child in during a Livestream chat with Colossal. Shadman stated that he would take it since he admires Keemstar. It was afterward removed.

How tall is Shadman? Weight, Hair Color

Shadman’s height is unknown. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 63 kilograms. Shadman is also a fitness fanatic. He has bright brown eyes and blonde hair.

Is the YouTuber in jail?

Many people on social media published allegations that the YouTuber was detained on October 28, 2021. A case against Shaddai before the Los Angeles County Superior Courts is shown on His arrest, however, was not confirmed.

Although the motive for the arrest is unknown, the defendant was arrested under section 245, A.1, which accuses him of “assault with a deadly weapon.”The police and government documents include no information on the claimed attack.

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