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Scott Disick| Girlfriend Sofia Richie | Relationship

Scott Disick

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s relationship is perhaps the most complicated among celebrity relationships. Even though the couple has been dating for a few years, there have been numerous rumors circulated about them that center on a variety of topics, including their age gap, Scott’s adultery, Sofia’s role as Kourtney’s middleman, and much more.

There have been new rumors that Sofia and Scott are no longer together, but is this accurate? Or is it simply another hazy tale that we have heard a lot? Here, let’s investigate their relationship!

Are Scott Disick and Sofia Richie back together or have they called it quits?

It’s quite likely that you’ve read the gossip column and learned that Scott and Sofia split up in May 2020. The announcement saddened those who were rooting for the couple. Days after Disick celebrated his 37th birthday, he received the heartbreaking news.

An informant claims that they ended their relationship amicably. Scott’s health problems were the primary cause of their breakup. According to an acquaintance, Sofia considered leaving Scott to concentrate on his health. According to the source

Sofia believes it would be better for them to stay apart so Scott can concentrate on himself because he now feels like he has a lot on his plate. She mostly chose for them to break up, and she is just thinking about him and his best interests. Sofia has been spending most of her time with her family and has removed most of her belongings from Scott’s home.

The lovebirds were having trouble adjusting to Scott’s mental state in the weeks before their romance. Sofia is okay with giving him space so he can put himself first, according to a source close to the couple at the time.

However, based on an insider’s report to US Magazine, it appears like the couple may be back together. They are getting back together romantically, an insider informed the site, just a few days after their original separation was announced. It has resumed.

Furthermore, Sofia hasn’t removed any images that show the two of them together, supporting rumors that they are unquestionably dating. It appears that the couple’s new way of living apart from one another wasn’t very successful.

Sofia and Scott Have Been Dating Since When?

Everything began on May 28, 2017, when TMZ initially revealed that Sofia and Scott were allegedly dating. “Just so everyone can get their panties out of their asses, Scott and I are just homies #relax,” Sofia tweeted at the time. Since then, Twitter has been removed.

Scott was also quite popular at the time because of his sporadic hookups with Chloe Bartoli and Bella Thorne. However, everything changed when they were seen strolling arm in arm through Malibu the next month. Around the same time, Lionel Richie’s daughter went to supper with the reality star in Los Angeles.

A few months later, after sharing a photo of the couple kissing, their mutual acquaintance Alex Monopoly seemed to officially announce their relationship. He also included a photo of a desert, presumably as a way to congratulate Scott and Sofia on their union.

There have been rumors of a breakup between the two since 2018.

There have apparenter instances where Scott and Sofia split up and then reconciled. TMZ captured Scott getting intimate with an unidentified blonde at Kanye West’s album launch party back in June 2018. The KUWTK star reportedly admitted to being single while intoxicated.

Then, according to PEOPLE magazine, Sofia called it quits on their romantic relationship. She ended their relationship because of Scott’s drinking habit and past troubles, according to a source at the time.

However, Scott later erased all of the allegations by posting a satirical picture on Instagram. After posting a cute photo of the two of them together, Sofia also refuted any nebulous reports about their breakup.

Despite their different ages, has Sofia’s father, Lionel Richie, accepted their relationship?

For any parent, watching their child enter a toxic relationship is an awful sight. It comes as no surprise, then, that Lionel continues to have doubts regarding the bond between his youngest child.

In 2019, a source stated that “because of Sofia’s young age and the age gap, Lionel has accepted their relationship but isn’t entirely 100 percent on board with Scott.”

It continued,

“Lionel is definitely putting more effort into his relationship with Scott because he can see how happy Sofia is.”

Along Richies, his son, Lionel’s second wife is Diane Alexander Richie. In addition, he was previously wed to Brenda Harvey-Richie, with whom he shares a daughter, Nicole Richie.

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