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Sarah Young Parents: Father Wayne Young And Mother Christine Groholske

Sarah Young

Who are the parents of Sarah Young? She performs as an actress in stand-up comedy, television series, commercials, and films in Los Angeles.

Her roles in the short films Eat Me and The Amazing Degenerates are only extensions of herself since she embodies the underdog so well.

Sarah is a fearless comedian who doesn’t hold back when it comes to the harsh realities of dating in Los Angeles and having a dad who gets more attention than she does.

Sarah is a Groundlings Intermediate student who is always honing her craft and expanding her knowledge of the comedy world.

Sarah portrayed Cassidy, Marty Driscoll, and Carey in the films “Fatty” (2014), “Cherry Red Kiss” (2014), and “Catfish: The Untold Stories” (2015).

Sarah is the writer, director, and actor of her web series, “Sarah in Sixty.” People are more interested in learning about Sarah Young’s parents now that she is a well-known actress.

Sarah Young Parents: Who Are They?

Her Early Life Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1992, Sarah Catherine was the first child of Christine (Groholske) and Wayne Young.

She performs as an actress in stand-up comedy, television series, commercials, and films in Los Angeles. Sarah grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan, a city reminiscent of Frosted Flakes.

During her time in Michigan, she mostly ate said cereal, went to class just to engage in theater, and then made plans for her last getaway to Los Angeles (with a short stay for a college term in Lowell, Massachusetts).

She is an actress who is eligible for SAG full-time, and her career has allowed her to showcase her humorous skills.

Being “Marty” in the wildly popular indie film Fatty brought her back to her high school days.

Sarah Young Wayne Young, Father

Sarah Young’s father is Wayne Young. Sarah is not their only older daughter; they have two more. Even though not much is known about her father, she often posts photos of him on social media.

Her father has always supported her in her endeavors and has taken pride in her successes. Her father has always been proud of her.

She always tries to be kind to everyone since her parents have taught and reminded her that we never know what others are going through.

She previously said that she had the utmost respect for her parents. Both of them have experienced great adversity in their lives and have emerged from it stronger individuals.

Sarah Groholske, a young mother

She is grateful for how people may sometimes become compassionate and understanding rather than harsh and resentful.

Sarah says that if you spend time with someone who makes you laugh, your relationship will last. She has learned a great deal from her parents, who have always been a huge source of inspiration for her.

As said before, it’s important to be happy where you are. She’s learned that even if she seldom feels satisfied, everything seems to be in its proper place.

Her mother is overjoyed for her. She remembered once that her parents used to say she always had a million other people living in her head.

She also supports feminism, even though many people find the term offensive, because it implies equal rights for men and women.

Feminism had a big impact on her values and views, and how she became the person she is now.

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