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Sammie’s Mother, Angila Baxter, Is Charged With The Murder Of A Florida Woman

Angila Baxter

Angila Baxter was apprehended and accused of murder in connection with the January 12 gunshot death of Nekaybaw Collier in Orange County, Florida.

Sammie’s mother is R&B performer and composer Angila Baxter.

Sammie began his career as a musician in the past. He has worked with many other musicians and recorded numerous CDs.

His most recent album, “Everlasting,” was released in 2018, and he continues to create music and perform.

Sammie and his mother, Baxter, have recently become popular on social media. She is accused of indiscriminately shooting at vehicles, colliding with Collier’s car, and unleashing the fatal shot.

Baxter allegedly told police that she detonated the tragic explosions because she believed unknown individuals were pursuing her.

Sammie’s mother, Angila Baxter, is charged with the murder of a Florida woman

On January 19, 2023, 56-year-old Angila Baxter was arrested in connection with a bizarre gunshot rampage that resulted in the death of 27-year-old Nekaybaw Collier.

Baxter was reportedly spotted on January 12 traveling through the scene of the heinous crime while screaming obscenities and firing at random vehicles.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that while traveling through Orange County, Florida, Baxter allegedly opened fire on multiple individuals and vehicles.

According to WFLA, Collier was one of them; she was purchasing supplies for her family.

In addition, Nekaybaw Collier was discovered dead and severely injured inside one of the vehicles.

After being transported to a nearby hospital, the injured mother and wife were pronounced deceased.

The examination of Collier’s body revealed that the rounds were discharged from the weapon Baxter was holding and discharging.

When the crooner’s mother was apprehended, she confessed to the police that she had been “followed” by “several automobiles” at the time of the shooting and that she had fired shots in the air to defend herself.

Her residence on White Heron Drive was searched and numerous weapons, including a handgun, were found.

Later, investigators discovered that the projectile that murdered Nekaybaw originated from Angela’s handgun.

She also claims she cannot recall what transpired on that day.

Since then, a police array witness has identified Baxter as the alleged gunman, and she has been charged with second-degree homicide with a firearm.

Sammie Addresses Murder Charge Against His Mother

After his mother was accused of second-degree murder in Florida, R&B vocalist Sammie made a statement requesting privacy on behalf of his family.

He took to social media to inform his followers, “In light of the recent news, he would like to extend his deepest condolences to Mrs. Collier’s family.”

He added, “At this time, he respectfully requests privacy for not only his family, but also the family of Mrs. Collier.”

In addition to disabling comments on the Instagram post, Sammie complied with his request.

Despite recent appearances on The Millennium Tour and Verzuz, Sammie seldom discusses his mother or family.

In addition, Sammie wished his mother a happy birthday on Twitter. Sunday evening, the “I Like It” singer made a brief social media announcement.

In the interim, a GoFundMe has been established to support Collier’s two daughters and family. Approximately $9800 of their $50,000 goal has been raised as of this report.

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