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Sage O’Donnell | 24 Years Australian Man Died In Ukraine

Sage O’Donnell

After Sage O’Donnell lost his life fighting for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia just before Christmas, his parents were distraught.

There has been a long-running conflict between Russia and Ukraine known as the Russo-Ukrainian War. Russia has persisted in bombarding Ukrainian cities while the conflict rages.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, hailed the military for referring to them as heroes. During the war, a great number of individuals, including civilians and military, perished.

One of them is Sage O’Donnell. Days before Christmas, he was killed in Ukraine while battling Russian forces. Ukrainians paid the brave Victoria native emotional tributes and praise for defending their country.

Sage O’Donnell: Who Is She? Australian Male Aged 24 Died In Ukraine

A 24-year-old Victorian man named Sage O’Donnell traveled to Ukraine to aid that nation in its conflict with Russia.

According to reports, the former Australian Army soldier passed away on December 21. According to sources, the soldier passed away close to the eastern Ukrainian cities of Bakhmut and Novomkil’ske, both of which are hotly disputed.

The death of Sage O’Donnell was verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

O’Donnell joined the Australian Army as a part-time rifleman and worked as an artillery observer until February 2021, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He introduced himself as a young Australian with a diverse range of experiences who was looking to advance his career in the public sector.

Sage O’Donnell was thanked by Ukrainians for defending their country.

Social media was used by Ukrainians to express gratitude to the deceased Australian serviceman for defending their country during the conflict with Russia. They’ve also made touching tributes, according to the Daily Mail.

The greatest ones are dying, said Anja Konstantynova, a native of Lviv who coordinates care packages for Ukrainian soldiers serving on the front lines. She posted on the internet, “worthy husbands, sons, brothers protect us, alas many protected us from heaven.”

Sage was referred to as a “Chaika” in a comment that honored Sage for his sacrifice. The callsign of Mr. O’Donnell, Chaika, is Seagull. Both Ukrainian and foreign legionnaires use the callsigns on the battlefield.

Brandon Declan, a Victoria native, was a friend of the deceased serviceman. When writing about his friend’s passing, Brandon said, “Let’s meet when my time comes.”

Many more people expressed their gratitude for his sacrifice on social media. But not everyone lamented Sage’s passing.

It is alarming to learn that O’Donnell was referred to as a “Nazi Mercenary” by Russian war fans, who also purportedly welcomed his demise.

The Australian mercenary had allegedly been killed in the SVO zone, according to a post on a Putin-supporting page. Unfortunately, the post has 4K likes and a lot of comments.

A Twitter account dubbed Nazi Merc Tracker, which shares and tracks foreign militants’ movements in Ukraine, also published multiple postings making fun of O’Donnell’s passing.

The Parents of Sage O’Donnell

The sad loss of their beloved son, Sage O’Donnell, has crushed his parents. Sage O’Donnell’s death was verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with a touching statement from his mother (whose name has not been released).

The mother of the soldier claimed that her son had developed a deep affection for Ukraine and had been deeply moved by the warmth and hospitality of his new neighborhood.

The bereaved mother continued, “My son died in action defending the freedom of the people of Ukraine,” adding that he had always believed in Ukraine’s defense.

Sage, she continued, “upheld his values as he served in Australia and abroad.” Sage, she said, was motivated by “empathy for the Ukrainian people” and the “injustice that has taken place.”

O’Donnell’s father, on the other hand, claimed via social media that he died while opposing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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