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Sabrina Greenlee | Acid Attack Story

Sabrina Greenlee

Deandre Hopkins, a wide receiver in professional football, had a mother named Sabrina Greenlee. Hopkins and his mother appear to have a close bond; she refers to Hopkins as Nuk with affection.

Hopkins is well-known for his work as a professional football player with the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. His mother frequently joins him in the game to cheer him on.

After sharing her experience with an acid assault in public, the player’s mother is now recognized as an inspiration.

Everything you need to know about his mother’s inspiring tale will be covered in this post.

Story of the Sabrina Greenlee Acid Attack

In honor of October’s awareness campaign for domestic violence, Sabrina Greenlee recounted her account of an acid assault.

Due to the acid assault carried out by one of the ladies whose partner was having an extramarital affair with Greenlee, Greenlee became blind.

Sabrina Greenlee was under attack but was aware of what was happening; she spent 10 days in a hospital and was in a coma.

That was a harsh thing to do, to leave her to die at the petrol station.

Sabrina Greenlee was nearly killed in the onslaught, and at one point, she considered giving up, but she persisted and stood by her kid.

Sabrina Greenlee said that while she was in the hospital, she believed that this was it and that she would never go back to her regular life.

Hopkins was just ten years old when Greenlee was attacked; the event occurred in 2002. Hopkins said he was unaware of the extent of his mother’s suffering.

The day after tomorrow is unpredictable for you. But Greenlee persevered, and she started to support her son in every game as a proud mother.

What happened to Sabrina Greenlee, the mother of Deandre Hopkins?

The mother of Deandre Hopkins is a strong and admirable woman who suffered visual loss as a result of an acid assault.

This was her third experience with domestic abuse, even though she was blind.

When she shared a home with a partner, Greenlee experienced two incidents of domestic abuse. She didn’t talk much about the abuse she endured, but she did admit that she had once considered giving up.

Sabrina Greenlee currently also directs a non-profit campaign to assist domestic violence victims. Many of them stayed with us because they trusted in her.

With her experience and the Campaign, Sabrina Greenlee has been successful in empowering and inspiring countless women.

While she was recovering from the attack, it was challenging for her to care for her kids. Sabrina Greenlee is now happy that she persisted and was able to spend time with them.

He also admitted that it was difficult for him to not have his mother back and present at any games, much as his mother Greenlee did.

But now that she is there for him whenever he plays, having his mother’s support is a nice thing.

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