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Russell Dominic Peters New Girlfriend Indicates That The Couple Is Engaged

Russell Dominic Peters

Over the years, Russell Dominic Peters, a world-famous stand-up comedian, has been associated with a number of attractive women. On February 14, 2021, Peters tweeted a photo with his new girlfriend along with a loving statement.

Peters sends his sweetheart Valentine’s Day greetings

According to appearances, Peters may soon have a new girlfriend in his life. On Valentine’s Day, the comedian published a lovely Instagram post.

In the photo, the comedian/actor is sweetly embracing his new partner. The couple gazes into each other’s eyes as the sun sets over the emerald-green sea in the background.

The post is remarkable because of Peters’s creative confession of his love for his fiancée. He wrote that his girlfriend completes him and that he intends to spend the rest of his life with her.

The post revealed no details about his new girlfriend. Nonetheless, she uses the alias _ilali on Instagram, and her profile is private.

Her Instagram bio reads “RP” with a love and ring emoji, which now hints that the two are secretly engaged. It is only a matter of time till the comedian shares this information as well.

The Stunning Women Peters Has Dated

The Canadian comedian has dated several women to date. Peters’ sole kid is Crystianna, his daughter from his ex-wife Monica Diaz.

He married Diaz in a shotgun ceremony in Las Vegas in August 2010. The couple recognized shortly after their wedding that they were incompatible, and their marriage ended.

After two years of marriage, Peters and Diaz divorced. In September 2016, the Brampton native believed he had found “the one” when he proposed to Ruzanna Khetchian. The comedian revealed to ET Canada that he proposed to his then-girlfriend Khetchian on one knee.

In addition, he disclosed that the 4.25-carat diamond ring he gave Khetchian was kept in place by four lobsters. However, the couple’s conflicts negatively affected their relationship. They broke up only four months after becoming engaged.

In 2017, model and former Miss Universe Honduras Jennifer Andrade began dating the Canadian comedian. Their first child was born two years later, in 2019.

Little has been spoken about or published about the couple’s separation. In addition to the aforementioned women, the comedian dated Bollywood actress and longtime friend Sunny Leone in 2008.

“We actually dated each other. It was five years and six months ago. It was a wonderful time. She’s a wonderful sweetheart, you know.”

In October 2013, Peters told the Hindustan Times the following. Nevertheless, based on his Valentine’s Day Instagram post, it looks like Peters has found love with another woman.

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