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Roxanna Panufnik Husband Stephen Macklow | Smith Married Life And Kids

Roxanna Panufnik

Born in Poland to the well-known composer Sir Andrzej Panufnik, British composer Roxanna Panufnik is one of the most active and well-liked composers of today. Her vast repertory includes opera, ballet, choral, orchestral, chamber, cinema, and television pieces that are performed all over the world. She attended the Royal Academy of Music.

Pieces like Four World Seasons, Abraham for violin and orchestra, the multifaith album Love Abide, and Dance of Life: Tallinn Mass demonstrate the musician’s special love for world music. Her songs honor human variety around the world and common experiences. The composer is still being commissioned for high-profile events, such as Camilla and King Charles III’s coronation in 2023.

The spouse of Roxanna Panufnik, Stephen Macklow-Smith,

In 2001, Panufnik wed Stephen Macklow-Smith. He is a businessman and one of the partners in the independent corporate finance advising firm, First Avenue Partners LLP. The husband of Roxanna Panufnik earned an MA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University and had previously worked at HSBC. Stephen himself is descended from a well-known family. After retiring from the British Army, his father, Sir Timothy Macklow-Smith, pursued a career as a writer.

He served as a senior diplomat in India with his grandfather. At the moment, the couple resides in London together. The composer has acknowledged how helpful Stephen has been to her musical career, citing him as one of her most reliable critics for new compositions and as a driver to and from rehearsals and performances.

Life of Roxanna Panufnik Married

The composer was 33 when the couple tied the knot, and they have been married for more than 20 years. Roxanna Panufnik continued to be in high demand as a composer during their marriage, producing nearly 300 pieces in a variety of genres. She has stressed the value of striking a balance between her family life and her creative career in interviews.

She gives her husband credit for being a very involved father who helps run the family. He takes up a lot of household chores, giving Roxanna more time and clarity to write. In addition to others, the pair helps each other’s careers. She routinely travels the world for residencies and concerts.

Stephen stays put at home while she is abroad. Even though she went on business travels with her husband early in his career, she nevertheless passionately attends his job in the meantime.

Kids of Roxanna Panufnik

Three children, a son named Ben and two daughters, Kasia and Ellie, are the offspring of Roxanna and Stephen. Kasia, the oldest, attended the University of Edinburgh to study art history. Ben and Ellie are still in school. Usually, the composer writes when her children are at school, which enables her to spend the evenings with them.

She works hard to introduce her kids to a variety of artistic and cultural expressions. They have attended numerous of her debuts and concerts. The Roxanna Panufnik children have inherited their creative DNA; Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, Ellie enjoys singing, and their parents are keen photographers. The family leads a simple life, concentrating on their interests. The musician’s kids have grown up idolizing their mother’s work and musical career.

She manages to fit in family outings and activities despite her hectic schedule. Her spouse and children give her much-needed inspiration and grounding. Beyond these specifics, the couple has avoided publicity in order to provide their kids with a typical childhood away from prying eyes. Her remarks, however, make it evident that she views it as vital, and that her children and spouse are the main people who love and support her. Their close-knit family structure enables the composer to flourish both in her personal and professional endeavors.

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