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Rollo Tomassi Is Dissatisfied With Marriage And Divorce Laws

Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi, author of the popular book series “The Rational Male,” openly expresses his discontent with the inequality in divorce rules between men and women. He discusses how the laws favor women more and have resulted in 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce.

Rollo Tomassi- Biography

According to the Washington Examiner, Tomassi’s name was inspired by the 1999 film The Matrix. His name is a follower of the red pill, which grants men the ability to know the unvarnished truth about women and relationships.

He compares men’s relationships with women to take a “blue pill,” in which one can reap the benefits of romance and love as long as they act like a “good person.”

Rollo’s YouTube channel is called The Rational Male, after his best-selling book. He explores intersexual dynamics, relationships, and topics from his four-part book series on his channel, which has over 131k followers.

He has been connected with manosphere language for almost 20 years and is often referred to as the “Godfather of the Red Pill.”

Tomassi first achieved prominence through his blog, “Rational Male,” which he later linked to his book, “The Rational Male,” which was published in 2013.

He will be 53 years old in 2021. His fourth book series, The Rational Male Religion, was released on January 3, 2021.

Rollo Tomassi- Relationship, Married Life

The manosphere merchant has been married to his wife for around 25 years, yet he frequently opposes some of the privileges that women have within the marriage over men.

He is the author of the “The Rational Male” series, which openly discusses how men should be treated in marriage and opposes activities that are harmful to them.

Tomassi regards marriage as a contract between two people that will eventually lead to divorce. Marriage, he says, is the “worst decision a man can make in his life right now.”

He isn’t. Rollo just rejects the activities within marriage and the laws that discriminate against men. He writes in the fourth series of his work,

“Marriage is an excellent thing…… It’s how we do it in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that makes it one of the worst prospects for males imaginable.”

On January 5, 2020, he tweeted that a husband should not ask his wife’s permission to buy items and should instead make their own decisions when buying stuff.

Looking over his Tweets further, he appears to support the “Alpha male” qualities. In one of his tweets, he describes how he has a daughter, but he would rather watch a show of Alpha males than Beta boys who have been trained to despise their genders since they were five years old.

Although he has received a lot of popularity and recognition under the name Rollo Tomassi, that is not his real name.

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