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Rolling Ray Published A Video Of Himself Seated In A Wheelchair

Rolling Ray

Rolling Ray, an internet personality and musician, has returned to social media following a COVID-19 infection-induced hiatus in January. Even though the artist is still alive, death rumors circulated. His organization neither confirmed nor denied his demise, causing further fear among his supporters.

On April 5, the social media celebrity uploaded to Twitter a video showing himself in a wheelchair. The right side of his head was shaved, and “NOT DEAD” was scrawled on it. The rapper stated that he was not dead as he left an elevator. He faced the camera and declared:

“Oh. Wait? I’m not gone. It never ceased to exist. Never play with me ever. “I’m Rolling Ray, the most famous kid in a wheelchair in the world, and it’s still doing its purpose, purr!”

Why does Rolling Ray have to use a wheelchair?

On social media, many rumors about the artist being in a wheelchair have spread. In September 2018, the artist was reportedly hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the street.

He is now restricted to a wheelchair as a result. Rolling Ray’s Twitter account also “confirmed” the accident by posting a photo of him in a hospital bed with a motorized wheelchair by his side.

A few days after the disaster, Rolling Ray tweeted that those who wished for his death were “angry” that he was still alive because “it wasn’t my time!”

He further claimed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z contacted him while he was in the hospital and told him to “keep his head up” and ignore the trolls who assumed the event was a PR stunt.

After the release of Saucy Santana’s diss track Walk, Ray’s fans began to assume he was born with a disability. On National Disability Day, the latter artist released a song that aroused online conjecture that it was about him.

Ray posted a statement on social media in response to Santana’s song suggesting that the hardships faced by persons with disabilities should be highlighted. He also shed emphasis on the mental health concerns that wheelchair users face in addition to the physical ones.

After his participation in MTV’s Catfish: Trolls, Ray gained fame on the Internet. The episode he appeared in showed his fight with his other online adversary, Camyonce.

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