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Roger Mooking, Unknown Information About Wife & Family

Roger Mooking

Roger Mooking, a well-known Canadian chef who frequently appears on cooking shows across North America, had kept his private life a secret. As Roger eventually revealed his gorgeous love life to his adoring family, the situation drastically shifted. We share some information about the TV host that you may have overlooked in the article that follows.

Old School Dating in a Family Environment

Roger Mooking
                                                     (Source: Streets Of Toronto)

Leslie Mooking and Roger Mooking met the traditional way—without the aid of the internet. When Roger was working as a head chef for the first time and Leslie was a wardrobe stylist, they met at the Barrio restaurant. The couple started dating soon after their initial encounter since they were in love.

Although the precise time of their first encounter is unknown, it has come to light that Roger and his wife went on their first date in 2005. For their date, they attended a performance at Barrio where one of the servers was an actress performing a solo act.

They strolled through the vicinity of St. Lawrence Market as well before stopping at a lounge to have a conversation. In an interview, Roger gushed about their relationship and mentioned how much they enjoyed spontaneous road vacations and seeing new cities. He even admitted that their vacation to San Francisco was their most treasured experience.

Roger, who is 44 years old, revealed that despite the understated nature of their engagement, they eloped and wed in Castara Tobago. As they observed oceans on the edge of the sea hovering above a fishing village that day, he said that their elopement was the best.

Due to the sweltering sun, the newlyweds changed out of their dresses and wore shorts and a T-shirt after the ceremony. After that, the pair leased a car and spent several days driving throughout Tobago and stopping at places where Roger had spent his formative years.

To meet Roger’s relatives, the two even traveled to Trinidad for a weeklong family gathering. When the couple visited their parents in Edmonton several months later, their family surprised them with a party to relive the wedding.

Additionally, it has come to light that Roger and his wife have four daughters together, making their family of six. Roger Mooking has, however, kept his children’s names and dates of birth a secret.

But throughout the interviews, Roger does not hold back from mentioning and expressing his love for his wife. In one such incident, Roger claimed in an interview that Leslie, who takes care of the majority of his wardrobe needs for work, is arguably the best mother on Earth. Leslie, on the other hand, is not afraid to publicly declare her love for Roger. She praised Roger as a wonderful husband and parent in an interview.

It’s interesting to note that in January 2018, Roger spoke with and discussed his children. Roger responded that his family goes to the grocery store together to buy something new whenever the journalist asked him how he encourages his kids to be adventurous eaters. The entire family samples the new cuisine when they get it home.

Despite keeping a quiet profile, it is obvious that Roger has a lovely family, and they all have close relationships with one another.

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