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Riley Hubatka Had Plastic Surgery To Repair Her Broken Nose

Riley Hubatka

Riley Hubatka applauded before undergoing cosmetic surgery, saying, “Hopefully some of you will sleep easier at night knowing that I’m going to change my nose tonight.

However, she did not decide to have surgery just for cosmetic reasons or to stop people from complimenting her nose. She did indeed have a severely broken nose.

Riley Hubatka issues a formal apology

The TikToker posted an apology on her TikTok account on December 7, 2021. She had previously always reacted defensively whenever someone complimented her nose, which seemed to happen very frequently. Some of the comments ranged from “Is your nose broken?” to “Look at that giant ‘ol sniffer on her.” Then Hubatka would clap back, saying things like, “I have a broad bridge nose, it’s different, etc.”

Evidently, until that very day, she had never really asked a doctor for guidance concerning her condition. She then laughed and said, “The doctor told me it’s seriously broken,” before formally apologizing to everyone she’d clapped back on before. ‘s Riley Hubatka She was unaware that she had a fractured nose.

She said, “I don’t know how I didn’t see it was broken.” She continued by informing everyone watching the video that she would require two surgeries. She added, still laughing, “One for my badly deviated septum and one for my broken nose.” “I genuinely regret offending anyone. You were right, she acknowledged.

Riley Hubatka’s Plastic Surgery

Hubatka published a new TikTok video on January 29, 2022, highlighting her day before getting cosmetic surgery. The last frame of the film revealed the patient’s face after surgery, even though the remainder of the video was about her being tested for COVID-19, which was most certainly a need for the procedure.

As of the time of this writing, the TikToker is still recovering from cosmetic surgery and is required to use a saline pump every day to clean out the surgical site. Even more recently, she uploaded a video to TikTok in which she can be seen putting the saline pump into either of her nostrils. X-rays of Riley Hubatka’s nose after surgery

According to HITC, Hubatka became well-known on TikTok in 2019 and has since used her exposure there to build a sizable fan base on Instagram and YouTube. She made a name for herself online by publishing viral videos and lip-syncing. On a few occasions, fans were also offered glimpses into her private life. Having said that, she frequently watches videos of fashion inspiration.

Hubatka has 2.3 million Instagram followers as of this writing, which is just slightly less than her 8.4 million TikTok viewership. However, her number of YouTube subscribers is also nothing to scoff at. A respectable 131 thousand people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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