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Rikkie Leigh Robertson | Husband And Married Life

Rikkie Leigh Robertson

The renowned guitarist A. B. Quintanilla, the elder brother of one of the best vocalists, Selena, was married to Rikkie Leigh Robertson. Before they ended their civil marriage, the former couple was wed for around a year.

In addition, Rikkie works as a potential model. Over the previous few years, she has previously worked for a few modeling agencies.

But Robertson has kept a quiet profile ever since she split from A.B. Consequently, we shall make every effort to learn whatever there is to know about A.B. Quintanilla’s ex-wife in this piece. Let’s enlarge!

What Is the Age of Rikkie Leigh Robertson? Everything About Her Early Years

On March 14, 1988, Rikkie was born in Texas, in the United States. She is thirty-three years old. The details about her upbringing and parents are still based on fact. She and her family raised her in her hometown of Texas.

Robertson is an American citizen and a member of the Caucasian racial group.

Who Is Rikkie Leigh Robertson, the Ex-Wife of A. B. Quintanilla?

Model Robertson is. To date, she has worked for several reputable companies and agencies. However, much information regarding her career pursuits is still unknown.

Regarding her ex-husband Quintanilla, he has established a prosperous career in several industries, including songwriting and record production. He wrote songs and played the guitar for his late sister Selena. A.B. had worked on several mega-hit singles for his sista, such as “No Me Queda Más,” “Amor Prohibido,” and “Como la Flor.”

Quintanilla also released several albums with Selena, including “Dreaming of You,” “Entre a Mi Mundo,” and “Mis Primeras Grabaciones.” His ex-spouse Rikkie made an appearance on the single “Solo” from the album “Blanco y negro” back in late 2012.

In addition, the talented musician has received multiple awards for his tireless efforts in the entertainment sector. Among these are the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin Billboard Music Awards, and Regional Mexican New Artist of the Year.

Rikkie Leigh Robertson and A. B. Quintanilla’s failed marriage

Before exchanging vows, the former couple dated for more than two years, starting their relationship in the late 2000s. On November 12, 2011, Rikkie married her then-boyfriend A.B. In Corpus Christi, Texas, the couple planned a small, private wedding.

Their friends and relatives attended their special day. The bride chose to wear a white gown with a plain black ribbon around her waist that day.

2011 saw the marriage of A. B. Quintanilla and Rikkie Robertson.

At their wedding, Rikkie Robertson and A. B. Quintanilla.

During their relationship, Leigh and Quintanilla kept their romantic lives private. During their brief marriage, they hardly ever appeared in public. On April 26, 2012, the former flames were spotted at the Billboard Latin Music Awards party at Bank United Center.

Is Selena’s brother still married to Rikkie Leigh Robertson?

As boyfriend and girlfriend, Quintanilla and Rikkie were never able to maintain their happiness as husband and wife. Their marriage ended in divorce not too long after they were married. Quintanilla broke the news to PeopleEnEspanol in January 2013 that he and Rikkie were no longer married. He said at the time that they hadn’t been together for a few weeks.

“It’s been two weeks since we last got together. Our divorce has been finalized.

Speaking about the circumstance, the performer stated that the tabloids,

It’s challenging for me. However, my sister Suzette, my father, and my children, whom I adore, all genuinely love me, so I am not alone. The gang, my family, is all around me. I have a lot of good things in my life, and I need to have a positive outlook at the moment.

Moreover, the artist disclosed that their choice to separate was not influenced by any acts of betrayal or infidelity.

“There were no cases of adultery. I had an incredibly joyful year. I genuinely believed that I would be with [her] forever and that our marriage would endure.

It appears that the two parted ways with mutual consent. According to some reports, Rikkie and A.B. remain close friends.

What is the current marital status of Rikkie Leigh Robertson? Who Is Her Spouse Right Now?

Well, Rikkie stayed out of the spotlight for a while following her divorce from Quintanilla, her first spouse. She spent a long time dating no one in public. Nevertheless, it is evident from her Instagram photos that she has been dating David Gonzalez for a considerable amount of time.

The pair are currently enjoying a happy marriage. On February 23, 2021, Rikkie and her husband David exchanged vows. Since Rikkie herself stated the date on her Facebook profile, we can state this with certainty. In addition, on February 23rd, she posted a picture of herself and her husband David on Instagram, writing, “The best anniversary present we could have ever received! February 23rd. Three years dating, one day married. This is the article.

In the meantime, Rikkie’s husband posted the same picture to Instagram with the statement, “We did a thing and now I’m married to not only the woman of my dreams but my soulmate as well.”

As Rikkie previously stated, on February 23, 2018, she began dating her present husband. Regarding how and when they originally got together, the couple previously disclosed that they met in a tattoo parlor in the early 2010s.

She posted several of her Instagram pictures with her ex-boyfriend on October 3, 2018, which she referred to as the “national boyfriend day.” In addition to the article, Rikkie penned a long text message to her partner in which she expressed her happiness and gratitude for having her ideal partner. Look at this:

In addition, David, the husband of Rikkie Leigh Robertson at the moment, is a photographer. He works as a photographer at Ascending Photography, according to his Instagram bio. He and his spouse currently reside in Corpus Christi, Texas; he is originally from Kingsville, Texas.

Multiple Marriages of Husband

Even though A. B. Quintanilla has achieved great success in the music business, he appears to be a little bit unlucky in his marriage. He was in three unhappy marriages. After first being married to Heather Grein, he later got married to Brenda Ramirez a second time. Rikkie was his third wife.

However, Quintanilla and his fourth wife, Anjelah Orellano, are currently enjoying a happy marriage. In September 2019, the couple tied the knot in Las Vegas. In addition, he has eight kids from his previous partnerships.

What Is The Net Worth Of Rikkie Leigh Robertson?

As of 2020, her net worth was $500,000. She has made such a huge fortune from her modeling profession. Quintanilla, Rikkie’s ex-husband, is reported to be worth $5 million.

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