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Riize Anton Parents Yoon Sang And Shim Hyejin | Family Ethnicity And Religion

Riize Anton

Named after himself, Anton Lee is a member of the K-pop group Rizze. There are seven people in the group; Anton is the youngest. In 2023, Anton made his Riize debut in the music video “Memories.” The music video received millions of views right away. The USA is where Anton Lee was born. In addition, he is the group member with the highest stature. Under SM Entertainment, Anton had to undergo years of training. The main entertainment sector is called SM Entertainment. Talents such as Anton are trained and cultivated before they become famous.

Parents of Riize Anton

One of the members of the K-pop group RIIZE, Anton, has been drawing notice for his attractive appearance. His gorgeous looks had people spellbound even before his formal debut. Even more intriguing is the fact that Riize Anton’s parents consider him a “golden child.” Born into a family of talented actors, Yoon Sang and Shim Hyejin, skill is evident in his lineage.

Yoon Sang, Anton’s father, is a well-known singer, songwriter, composer, and record producer from South Korea. His father teaches music at Sungshin Women’s University and is well-known for his musical achievements. Additionally, Anton’s father has made entertaining contributions to SM. In addition, he composed and authored songs for musicians like as TVXQ and BoA.

Hyejin Shim Actress Anton’s mother is well-known for her parts in the movies “The Gingko Bed,” “Green Fish,” and “Marriage Story.” The parents of Riize Anton have worked in the entertainment sector. Thus, Anton may have a great career in this area.

Race of the Riize Anton Family

The birthplace of Anton is Boston, Massachusetts. Nevertheless, his family relocated to New Jersey when he was just 3 years old. Anton is an ethnic Korean-American. This indicates that while he was born and reared in the US, he has Korean ancestry. Yoon Sang and Shim Hyejin, the parents of Anton, were both born in Korea. Their Korean ancestry and artistic abilities have probably impacted Anton’s career path in entertainment.

In addition to his swimming prowess, Anton is a gifted cellist. He already has a devoted following due to his alluring appearance. In addition, Anton is a skilled musician and producer. Even though he is regarded as a K-pop idol, he may eventually engage in self-composed songs. Anton is subject to laws and restrictions as an idol under SM Entertainment. Idols typically sign contracts with companies for a predetermined amount of time. Idols like Anton have the option to either extend their contract or choose a new employer after it expires.

Religion of Riize Anton: Is He a Christian?

Born in Boston and then moving to New Jersey, Anton is of Korean-American descent. But the parents of Riize Anton were born in Korea. Although the ethnicity and religious views of his family are evident, Anton’s religious convictions are not divulged. Celebrities like Anton are prone to hiding things from the public eye. SM Entertainment has been Idol Anton’s constant supervisor. In addition, he needs to abide by various industrial regulations.

TV program appearances are frequently granted to idols such as Anton. They frequently display their abilities outside of the idol world. There isn’t a personal social media account for Anton Lee. On Instagram, his gang has a shared account called @riize_official. The group and individual members share information about their lives and music videos on social media to maintain a sense of community among their fan base. Anton is a member of the Sm Entertainment-managed Kpop group Riize, and his commitment to his groups and music is admirable.

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