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Ricky Vela Didn’t Express His Love for His Potential Wife?


Ricky Vela’s love journey has various twists and turns, and recently, following the release of the Netflix series Selena: The Series, the artist has been in the continual limelight as it gives fans a glimpse of Vela’s love tale.

Vela’s incredibly bashful demeanor prevented him from confessing his feelings to his crush, and as a result, he never married his potential wife.

Who Could Ricky Vela’s Wife Be?

Ricky Vela went through several phases during his early musical career, which led him to encounter Selena Quintanilla, one of the lead singers in her band Selena y Los Dinos.

Her band was made up of her closest friends and family, and Ricky was the first non-family member to join Selena’s band.

He became close to Selena’s family during the band concert and other major events, and he later fell in love with Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla.

Ricky’s love story, on the other hand, was filled with stillness since he was aloof and bashful. His heart was filled with love for Suzette, but he lacked the confidence to declare his affections for someone he could have called his wife in the future.

Ricky’s concealed affections for Suzette were known to Suzette’s family, but everyone waited for Ricky to speak up and express his thoughts.

Suzette and Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, acknowledged Vela’s emotions for his daughter and urged him to take action.

“Ricky is a shy, introverted person. And he admired my other daughter, the drummer Suzette… And I knew Ricky liked her because he’d tell me, and I’d tease Ricky and say, ‘Hey, Ricky, you like her?’ ‘Talk to her!’ but he refused.”

While everyone around him encouraged him, Vela did not reveal his feelings for Suzette, causing his love tale to end prematurely.

Ricky Vela, who could have wedded Suzette and made her his wife, became a dream in the unspoken love story when Suzette married Billy Arriaga in September 1993.

He subsequently penned “No Me Queda Más” (There Is Nothing Left for Me) for his crush Suzette, which became a major success at the time (1994).

“No Me Queda Más,” lauded by music reviewers for its energetic nature, was one of Selena’s most successful singles, propelling Ricky’s career as well.

Following his heartbreak, Vela was involved in another terrible event that had a significant impact on the band he was a part of.

What Became of the Band?

Ricky was traumatized yet again in 1995, two years after leaving his sweetheart, when word of Selena’s sad death broke.

Selena’s death was also the primary reason for the disbandment of Selena y Los Dinos, and Vela did not go on to join another band in the future.

Despite his continued involvement in the music industry, he did not release any albums. However, as a musician, he did not abandon music and remained active in the profession.

Even after Vela’s crush married and the band he was in disbanded, he maintained friendly contact with the Quintellas. Ricky teamed with Selena’s brother A.B. Quintella to write the song “Esperandote.” The song was a tremendous hit, and it also did well on the Latin music charts.

Suzetta and Ricky Vela appear to have a nice friendship as the two were seen at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2015, and Suzetta even uploaded a photo with Vela in the frame.

This demonstrates that things are going well between the couple, who may have been husband and wife if things had gone differently.

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