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Rick Lagina | Wiki And Wife

Rick Lagina

American television personality Rick Lagina gained notoriety for his role in The Curse of Oak Island. Since 2014, the native of Michigan has been on the program. The show centers on a group of intrepid treasure seekers who will do whatever it takes to uncover the riches hidden on Oak Island.

Rick makes an appearance in the series with Marty Lagina, his younger brother. The program has been a huge hit with viewers ever since it debuted, not only in the US but also internationally. Since then, Rick’s life has piqued the interest of followers worldwide, particularly with regard to his marital status.

Growing Up in Kingsford, MI, Rick Lagina

He is the second youngest child of Ann Cavalieri and George Lagina, having been born on August 26, 1955. Rick is of Caucasian origin and his background is Russian.

In Iron Hill, Michigan, he grew up with his siblings. In 1970, Rick received his high school diploma from Kingsford High School.

He worked at a number of odd jobs after graduating from college before landing a position as a postal worker.

Lagina’s Parents Died Within A Year of Each Other

He lost his mother Ann in August of 2010. She was 89 years old when she was born. Subsequently, in April of 2010, his father George passed away at the age of ninety-one.

Three Siblings Exist for Rick Lagina.

Rick is one of the four children his parents together have. Marianne, who has been married to Jim Gardener, is the eldest of the siblings. She also has three children: Cristina Gardner, Stephen Gardner, and Andrew Gardner.

Marty Lagina, Rick’s younger brother, is someone that many of you may already be aware of. Yes, he appears in the television series The Curse of the Oak Island with his older brother. In addition, Marty is the father of Madeline and Alex Lagina, and he is wed to Olivia.

Teresa Lagina is the youngest of the Lagina siblings. Daniel, David, Julia, and Peter are the four children she shares with her spouse, John Fornetti.

What Actions Did Rick Lagina Take Prior To Oak Island’s Curse?

Ever since the show’s 2014 premiere, he has been the center of attention. He plays the part of a treasure seeker in the program, although he used to play another one.

Prior to becoming well-known as a TV personality, Rick was a Northern Michigan-based postal worker. Following his high school graduation, he began working as a postal inspector.

Rick’s enthusiasm in treasure hunting persisted even when he worked for the postal service, and he soon had the opportunity to indulge in his long-awaited hobby immediately after retirement.

Prior to starting his treasure hunt, Rick had no idea what kind of TV show he wanted to do.

Many of you are probably thinking that Rick has always desired to be on television. And just so he could have his own show, he pitched a passable enough script to be in it.

Rick, on the other hand, had no intention of appearing on the show. Actually, the Lagina brothers were contacted by the History network to create a show that would chronicle their adventures on Oak Island.

The show has gained immediate popularity among viewers since its debut in January 2014. In the episode, we watch as Rick and Marty work with a team of specialists to solve all the island’s secrets and locate the wealth that, rumor has it, is hidden underneath.

The main portion of Oak Island is jointly owned by Rick Lagina and

If you had to give the government access to most of your treasure seeking, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable. This is the reason why over half of the island’s entire property was purchased by Rick Lagina, his brother Marty, and many other friends from Traverse City, Michigan.

They bought this enormous item back in 2004. While his younger brother Marty made a large fortune from his oil and wind company, Rick had saved some money from his professional career.

However, because the Canadian government was involved, the purchasing procedure was initially rather complex. You can’t really hold Canada responsible for this, as the island in question is located within their borders. Rick and his buddies were able to buy the item after much negotiation, but only if they would donate 10% of what they discovered.

Rick Lagina Wife: Who Is She? Is He Actually a Husband?

Many of you are undoubtedly interested in finding out if Rick is married or not. Let’s clarify it, then. The man does not currently appear to be married, as far as we are aware. Since Rick’s life is mostly transparent to the public, it is safe to assume that he is single.

In addition, Rick appears to be overly preoccupied with his search for the hidden wealth beneath Oak Island. Perhaps this is the reason he was never able to find time for himself. However, all of this is conjecture, as he has not disclosed a single detail about his life away from the camera.

Speaking about his passion for treasure seeking, he was initially struck to his core at the tender age of 11 by an article from Reader’s Digest that he stumbled across. He learned about the legend of Oak Island from the newspaper. After reading it, he told his brother Marty about it, and the two of them were interested in it as well.

The Lagina brothers haven’t stopped looking for the riches since then.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Rick Lagina?

After learning that Rick owns a piece of the island, many of you are understandably interested in learning how wealthy he is. Reports state that he has a net worth of about $10 million. If he finds the buried treasure hoard beneath the island, his fortune will undoubtedly grow tenfold.

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