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Rex Orange County Stats, Singer Gets Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Before A Trial

Rex Orange County

Just before he was to go on trial, Rex Orange County had his sexual assault allegations against him withdrawn. The popular singer-songwriter from Surrey, whose real name is Alexander O’Connor, has been accused of molesting a woman against her will on six occasions.

But the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) declared on Thursday that the evidence “no longer met” its requirements for prosecution.

In response to the accusations, O’Connor stated that it had been “a tough moment for everyone involved.”

He said the following on Instagram: “All accusations against me have been dropped as of right now.

“After examining the available data, the Crown Prosecution Service came to the conclusion that a trial, in this case, would not be justified. All of the charges received not guilty verdicts.

“I’ve consistently refuted these claims, so I’m relieved that the outside evidence has vindicated me.

“I have never abused anyone, and I do not support any form of violence or violent behavior.”

“Wrongly charged”

Additionally, he addressed “inaccuracies” he claimed had been spread about his case.

He claimed that he had been falsely accused of caressing someone’s leg, neck, back, and the bottom one evening.

“Six sexual assault charges resulted from that. The person’s account was the sole thing used to prove my guilt.

“The police’s discovery of CCTV evidence, however, refuted their account of what happened. Their spouse was also present the entire time and provided a statement to the police that contradicted the accusations made against me.

“I’d like to thank the people who have supported me through it, as well as my family and loved ones for their continuous support. It’s been a terrible period for everyone concerned.”

A CPS representative stated: “Prosecutors with CPS are required to continue monitoring every case. Our legal standard for the prosecution was no longer met after carefully examining all the material, so we will not be continuing the case.

No matter how difficult, we will always try to pursue sexual offenses where the legal requirements are met.

The third studio album by Rex Orange County debuted at the top of the UK charts in March.

His tour dates were canceled in July with the excuse that “I am having to spend some time at home this year owing to unforeseen personal problems,” and the allegations were made public in October.

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