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Relationship Of Gary Owen With His Children Had Deteriorated Following His Divorce

Gary Owen

Gary Owen, an American comedian, has stated that his family and he are estranged. The 48-year-old singer revealed on The Breakfast Club podcast on August 23 that he hasn’t spoken to his children in a year due to his divorce wife Kenya Duke.

The comedian continued by saying:

“I have finished all tasks. As my daughter attends A&T, I went to Greensborough and knocked on her door, but she did not answer. I tried meeting her at the airport. I am prohibited from social media. I have tried every feasible method to reach my daughter. As I reach out, I encounter resistance.”

Owen added that his children learned about his divorce from the news and social media rather than from their parents.

“We failed to notify the youngsters. We were going to wait and do it together, but TMZ informed them.”

A year after the tragedy, Owen has decided to break his silence so that his children can hear his side of the story. He stated in a podcast:

Everyone asked me to explain my side of the story repeatedly. And, to be honest, it takes extra work to get my children to listen to it.”

In 2011, Gary Owen’s wife filed for divorce

In 2003, Gary Owen and Kenya Duke wed. Emilio, Kennedy, and Austin are the three children of this couple. Emilio is the biological son of Duke and Emilio Toliver Senior, their eldest child.

Owen and Duke’s biological children are Kennedy, 21 years old, and Austin, 20 years old. Duke filed for divorce in March 2021 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, California, citing irreconcilable differences after 18 years of marriage.

People Magazine reported in June of that year that Duke had asked Owen for $44,000 per month in spousal support after leaving her “promising career as the comedian’s account manager.”

Duke elaborated at the time, stating:

“I am requesting that Gary be ordered to continue making monthly payments of $44,000, as has been the case for nearly four (4) years,” in addition to a $88,000 lump sum payment for the two months he has failed to provide me with funds.”

The podcaster and businesswoman, on the other hand, did not hold back on social media while discussing her marriage. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Duke accused Gary Owen of having extramarital affairs throughout their marriage and hiding money from the family.

Kenya Duke apparently tagged the comedian in a lengthy post in which she demanded that he “stop lying about paying the mortgage,” which she purportedly paid.

She then continued:

“The squatters you speak about do not reside here. Only one problem exists: a narcissist liar who no longer resides here. Here, I am doing my thing. We will not disturb you without cause. You went too far. “At the age of 48, you are the father you so harshly attack on stage for being so cruel to you when he was in his twenties.”

Gary Owen, who appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in June 2021, also addressed Kenya’s accusations. He added that his attorney had asked him not to talk at the moment, but it appears that his divorce from Duke had taken a “dramatic turn.”

“It’s a doozy, but I can’t say anything about it right now — but it’s enormous, and it changed the entire complexion of the divorce.”

Gary Owen also refuted media accusations that he has not met with his children, noting that they are all adults and that “it’s quite unusual to not see them for a couple of months” when you have adult children. He elaborated:

“My daughter was attending college when the news broke; she is now living and working in Kenya. I’m en route. We are conversing and messaging.”

Gary Owen further stated that he is not a “deadbeat parent,” as Kenya Duke accused him of infidelity and referred to him.

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