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Relationship Between Mia Hayward And Thomas Petrou Is Adorable

Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou will commemorate “nearly two years” with his partner and fellow Hype House member Mia Hayward in early December 2021. To celebrate the “nearly” milestone, the lover even posted a collage of the past and present on Instagram.

He was able to keep the particular timeline a secret by saying that he was celebrating a potential anniversary. However, Petrou felt at ease telling everyone that Hayward was his actual love.

Age and Early Life Of Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou is a well-known YouTube vlogger who became a member of Team 10 in the summer of 2017. Over 1.8 million people subscribe to his PetrouTV YouTube channel, and he has published daily vlogs for more than 1,000 days straight. In 2019, he started the TikTok community The Hype House.

He was attempting to pursue a modeling career when he was 16 years old. He started blogging to share fitness-related articles and to chronicle the college application process.

When he was 13 years old, he and his cousins created a Vine named The Petrous, but when one of them subsequently got into difficulty, he was forced to transfer to YouTube. Petroutv, his TikTok account, has more than 8 million subscribers.

Thomas Petrou married his girlfriend

In June 2020, Petrou and Hayward were openly dating when they were accosted by photographers. While Hayward was really Petrou’s girlfriend, Petrou admitted that he was more confused than anyone else at the time: “I assumed everyone knew. I will, I must be honest.

Valentine’s Day in 2021

Another important event in the Petrou-Hayward timeline happened in February 2021. A potential engagement post received a lot of attention in addition to the apparent Valentine’s Day post.

Thomas Petrou and Mia Hayward are engaged?

The fourth picture showed a magnificent diamond ring on Hayward’s ring finger. It was just her right ring finger, that’s all. It was therefore most likely a promise ring rather than an engagement ring.

It was a simple ring with a round diamond in the middle and a pavé band securing it. The ring was made by Jay Kay Jewelers, who provided further information about it on Instagram.

After the post, the bulk of TikTok’s most well-known users gathered in the comments area to compete for a wedding invitation.

Among the celebrities who offered to be flower girls in the starlit comments area were Nikita Dragun and Jack Wright.

Petrou and his companion have so far refrained from engaging in any public drama on social media or in other places, which in our opinion is a pleasant novelty given their occupations.

Age and Early Life of Mia Hayward

American social media sensation Mia Hayward updates her miahaywardd Instagram account with pictures of herself modeling and living a healthy lifestyle. She has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Mia published her first Instagram post in November 2016. She traveled to Paris, France, in August 2018. The Hype House accepted her as a member.

She was raised in San Diego, California, with two brothers, Jake being the older of the two. She started seeing Thomas Petrou in 2020.

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