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Rebeca Tavares- All About The Wife Of Fabio Henrique Tavares

Rebeca Tavares

Fabio Henrique Tavares, a Brazilian football player, has a beautiful wife named Rebeca. Both for Liverpool and the Brazil team, Fabinho plays midfield.

Gross Value

Her net worth hasn’t been determined yet. We now know that her spouse is extremely wealthy, thanks to his illustrious football career. The estimated net worth of her spouse is about $35 million.

Brazil is the country where Rebecca was born. She was only six when her family moved to Spain. She was the youngest daughter of Andrea Sarmento and Rogerio Da Silva Sarmento.

After seeing Ronaldinho, Rebeca, who grew up watching football with her parents, fell in love with the sport. She was drawn to him because of his attitude. She started off young playing football.

She played attacking football in Spain. She moved to Monaco with her marriage and stayed there till her husband joined Liverpool before joining AS Monaco Women. She discussed her experience playing football during her career and the changes in female football players’ attitudes over time.

She claimed that when she first started playing football, the majority of people discouraged her by telling her that “football isn’t for women.” But opinions have changed. If a woman is passionate about something, she can have career aspirations.

She went on to say that there has been a considerable change in the level of support from people. Rebeca no longer plays football, but she still likes to watch it. She backs her former squad and believes that when football is just football, whether there are 22 men or 22 women competing, the best is yet to come.

gotten married to her perfect spouse

When he was on loan from Rio Ave to Real Madrid in 2013, she met the man who would become her husband. On January 1st of 2015, Fabinho got down on one knee in front of his queen.

Rebecca captured the tender moment and shared it on Instagram, showing her partner getting down on one knee and proposing with a diamond ring. Her photo’s caption announced that she was getting married to the man of her dreams and that they had just become engaged.

She added that he shocked her by moving silently about the house while wearing slippers, which she found more incredible than she could have anticipated. They got engaged at the start of the year and got hitched on December 22nd.

Rebeca engages in social media activity, especially on Twitter, where she can be seen interacting with fans. Despite the fact that he is not particularly active on social media, her spouse claimed that he occasionally discovers what she writes, and whenever he does, he constantly cautions her to exercise caution. The fact that the fan seems to enjoy her, according to him, feels good.

She will soon become the parent of Rebecca and her husband. They are going to have a son. Rebeca shared the joyful news on Instagram, announcing that they were soon to become parents to a baby boy they are calling Israel.

Fabinho is ecstatic and eager to meet his newborn. He stated that he and Rebeca are ecstatic to be having a child, that it will be a new challenge for them, and that he hopes other family members will comprehend what he is saying.

the father-in-law of her husband In August 2021, Joao Roberto Tavares passed away. Rebeca broke the news with a moving Instagram post.

She thanked God for giving her the opportunity to get to know her father-in-law. She continued by saying that his grandchildren would know who their grandpa was and that they would miss and remember him for his grin and passion. She also promised to take care of his child, she said.

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