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Ray Stevenson Girlfriend Elisabetta Caraccia: Relationship Timeline

Ray Stevenson

Who is the girlfriend of Ray Stevenson? Find out whether Ray Stevenson was seeing someone when he passed away.

On May 21, 2023, renowned British actor Ray Stevenson departed from this life. The whole film business is heartbroken by the imminent loss of the “Kill the Irishman” actor.

The star’s cause of death is still unknown. Starring in a number of films, including Thor, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, and The Three Musketeers, Stevenson started his acting career in 1993.

In addition to having a successful performing career, the actor was a loving father to his children, whom he had with many different women. Did Stevenson have a significant other?

The topic of today’s piece is the well-known actor’s romantic relationship.

Meet Elisabetta Caraccia, Ray Stevenson’s girlfriend: A timeline of their relationship

Elisabetta Caraccia, an Italian anthropologist, was the partner of Ray Stevenson.

According to reports, Ray’s work on the 2005–2007 television series “Rome” is when the pair first came into contact.

Ray and Elisabetta had a happy and long marriage for over twenty years. The anthropologist and the actor have a strong friendship, despite the actor’s lack of disclosure regarding their relationship. Together, the two were pleased and joyful.

Elisabetta’s time with her lover, the actor, has regrettably been cut short. However, the enamored pair must have had an amazing time.

The loss of her companion must be heartbreaking for the British singer. I hope she finds the fortitude to get through this trying period.

When Stevenson passed away, he was seeing Caraccia. The couple had been together for a while, but they weren’t married and they didn’t have children together.

Moreover, the Thor actor was married to actress Ruth Gemmell before his union with Elisabetta Caraccia. November 1997 saw the ex-couple stroll down the aisle.

For eight years, Ray and his ex-wife were married. But things started to go wrong in their marriage, and in 2005 the two artists parted ways. It’s unknown whether they had children.

When he met the anthropologist, the Kill the Irishman actor soon after divorced Ruth Gemmell.

Ray Stevenson Children: The number of children owned by the actor?

Ludovico Stevenson, Leonardo George Stevenson, and Sebastiano Derek Stevenson were Ray Stevenson’s three proud children.

Sebastiano Derek, the artist’s son, was born in Lisburn, according to IMDb. He was married to Elisabetta Caraccia. December 24, 2007, was Sebastiano Derek’s birthdate.

It’s uncertain when Leonardo George and Ludovico were born. In addition, there is controversy about the actor’s baby’s mother.

The anthropologist was the mother of Ray’s boys, according to some media reports, however only two of the late artist’s sons were born to her.

Stevenson was a loving father to his three boys despite this. Each of his children was equally cherished by him.

Stevenson Ray Originated in Northern Ireland’s Lisburn

Ray Stevenson was born George Raymond Stevenson and raised in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, in the United Kingdom.

The actor who plays Thor was born as the second child of his parents on a British army installation. The father of the King Arthur actor flew with the Royal Air Force. In terms of his ethnicity, his mother’s side of the family was Irish.

Stevenson and his family relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne, residing in the Lemington district, when he was eight years old. They later moved to Cramlington, Northumberland, where the late actor was born and raised.

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