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Raquel, Daughter Of Lynne Curtin, Has Undergone A Makeover


Lynne Curtin and her two kids, Raquel and Alexa, were introduced to viewers in the fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Curtin’s co-stars complained about her parenting during the show’s two seasons because her girls liked to party until dawn.

Raquel, Curtin’s eldest daughter, surprised fans by appearing in recent modeling images on her mom’s Instagram page. Raquel had stayed out of the spotlight since Curtin left RHOC.

Although Raquel’s life has taken many turns, it seems she once modeled for her mother’s jewelry line. Raquel Curtin, a mother of one with a son of six years old, is a 31-year-old exclusive model on Only Fans and other sites. She goes by the handle “Suttin.”

She also has a career in sex movies. The adolescent that appeared on RHOC is pictured recently. Raquel Curtin’s daughter has a considerable online following on both her own and her mother’s social media sites.

A recent photo of Raquel Curtin’s eldest kid was posted to Instagram by her mother, and it shows her modeling for her sister’s jewelry company, Lynne Curtin.

The ex-“RHOC” star has also shown off photos from her dates with Raquel, such as this one from December of last year. Her Instagram does feature a few photos of the two of them, though:

Suttin Suicide, the pen name Raquel Curtin has used since her time on RHOC, has landed her jobs at various magazines. In honor of her 19th birthday, her mother paid for a rhinoplasty.

On Instagram, she goes by the name “Penthouse Pet.” While the vast majority of Raquel’s social media posts are not safe for work, we’ve selected a few that show how far she’s come since her days on RHOC.

In the wake of Raquel Curtin’s delivery of a son, Lynne Curtin joined the ranks of the newly grandmotherly. Curtin discussed becoming a grandma at length in an interview with Brávo Insider following Ráquel’s birth to her son Cárter in 2021.

A quote from Curtin in the article: “We don’t use that word [grandmother].” I’m giа…

Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t understand how the heck I got to be this old when I haven’t even turned eighteen yet. I feel like I’m still a child.

Despite not enjoying the label “grandmother,” Curtin professed to love her grandson Carter. She declared with awe, “I adore it,” when asked how she felt about her growing family.

His mother Ráquel regards her kid as the cutest young boy. On Reality Wives, viewers may see photos of Raquel both pregnant and holding her newborn son.

The second daughter of Lynne, Alexa Curtin, has had several legal run-ins since starring in the popular Bravo series, including an arrest in January 2021 for which she received a 68-day prison sentence.

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