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Rafael Santa Cruz Muerte | Arquitecto Malaga Muerto In Hospital

Rafael Santa Cruz Muerte

A well-known Malaga architect died in the hospital over the weekend after being assaulted by two people in the city center. The Wednesday night attack killed 58-year-old Rafael Santa-Cruz y Carrillo de Albornoz. After watching Real Madrid vs. Chelsea at a pub with a buddy, they were assaulted by two unknown guys while heading to the city center for a drink, according to the Police.

Rafael Santa Cruz Death: Why?

Rafael Santa Cruz’s death has rocked Malaga. The accused person is suspected of assaulting the architect, who died. On Wednesday, April 12, the architect and his buddy fought at a city center pub while watching a football game.

The buddy, a builder of comparable age to the architect, was also assaulted by the same people and hospitalized, although he is not in severe condition. Rafael Santa Cruz, a notable Malaga architect, will influence future designers and builders.

Hospitalized Arquitecto Malaga Dead

The city is grieving the death of Arquitecto Malaga, who died in hospital. The architect died in the hospital’s critical care unit (ICU) after being attacked. He donated organs before. He was tested for COVID-19 and sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) for a forensic autopsy. The attack hospitalized the architect’s 58-year-old construction buddy. He’s steady now. The National Police’s homicide section is checking CCTV video and investigating.

Rafael Santa-Cruz Death and Legacy

Famous architect Rafael Santa-Cruz y Carrillo de Albornoz formed Santa-Cruz & Asociados in 1991. His Calle Martinez studio in Malaga has designed residential residences and retirement facilities. Santa Cruz designed Malaga’s PGOU and Parque San Antonio Hospital, among other projects.

Santa Cruz excelled in architecture at San Estanislao, finishing his final project with top honors, according to his team. He was also family-oriented. He was a revered architect who spent his life designing beautiful and practical structures that enriched the city’s surroundings.

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