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ProZD – Biography

ProZD, an internet superstar and voice actor who rose to notoriety for his work in video games such as “A Hat in Time” and “Apotheon,” became a tremendously renowned Vine celebrity. His YouTube success is entirely coincidental.

It became a popular outlet for him to display his Vine jokes, which received a lot of attention on the internet. He is fortunate not just in his work, but also in his family life. He adores his parents and his wonderful wife.

What is the Net Worth of ProZD? Salary, Earnings

Cho became well-known among his admirers for his work in video games such as A Hat in Time and Apotheon. He was also well-liked on Vine, where he had 140,000 followers for his humorous character creations. He claims that his YouTube stardom is just coincidental. According to him, Cho has 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of 2022.

He is also active on Instagram and Twitter, where he has 126k and 441k followers, respectively. At the moment, the American YouTuber has a net worth of around 600,000 dollars A voice actor’s annual salary is $72,186 on average, although it can range from $13,500 to $398,500.

ProZD – Birth, Age

ProZD was born in Minnesota on December 9, 1990. He is of Korean heritage. He has not revealed about his family member and educational background.

ProZD – Relationship, Married Life

ProZD has been happily married to his wife Anne Marie since 2016. Marie is an artist who sells her sketches on the internet. On her Twitter bio, she described herself as an “occasional illustrator, full-time tea addict, and lover of all things cute.”

Furthermore, their shared interest in writing Super Mario fan fiction brought them together.

Despite being separated by a considerable distance, the couple maintained their connection for six years. They got engaged in October 2015. He married his sweetheart, he stated in a Twitter message.

Not only Marrie, but Cho considers himself extremely fortunate to have Marrie as his wife. He stated, “Well, the couple’s family life with their family members is doing so well.” Marie and Cho, cat lovers, have two pet cats named Sophie and Effie. But, ddoProzd and his adored girlfriend have any children? Poland Marie has yet to start a family as of July 2021.

Cho appears to be preoccupied with his profession, and the husband and wife wish to wait before making the risky decision. Not to mention that both ProZD and his wife are always discovering and loving new Board Games. IThecouplethe couple creates and publishes additional content about Board Games on their YouTube channel.

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