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Pro Bowler Kyle Troup’s Mother Passes Away From Cancer During His Prodigious Career

Kyle Troup

Kyle Troup, a PBA champion, is now well-known for his distinctive bowling technique and precise shots. His commitment to the game has helped him reach milestones, but without the encouragement of his parents, the story would have been very different.

While Kyle is accustomed to having his parents support his flamboyant approach at games, the tragic loss of his mother in 2020 has left him with an unfulfillable void.

The Cancer Battle Of Kyle’s Mother

On February 10, 2020, the professional bowler shared the heartbreaking news that his mother, Sherry Hemdon Troup, had passed away from cancer. He wrote, “With a heavy heart,”

Tonight, a wonderful angel was added to heaven. I’m grateful that I was able to spend these final minutes with my family and mother at home. This evening, Sherri Herndon Troup passed away peacefully at home.

Kyle’s mother has fought cancer for a very long time. Sherry was delighted with her son’s victory at the fourth PBA Jonesboro Open even though she was battling a severe illness and on her deathbed.

A few days before Sherry passed away, the proud mother posted on Facebook how happy she was to see her son with a trophy. She captioned Kyle’s triumphant moment, saying, Momma is so pleased. In addition to being my son with a big heart, Kyle is a showman on the bowling alleys. I’m grateful that you made my day. I adore you a lot.

Kyle made a winning tribute to his ailing mother. The fact that he had to upset Hall of Famer Chris Barnes to win the title made the triumph much more noteworthy. Kyle continues to put on a show for his father while missing the joy that his victories brought to his mother’s eyes.

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Kyle Enjoys Making His Father Proud

I like putting on a show for him, and it feels really fantastic to bring home the prizes with him. Kyle spoke to Flobowling following his 2021 PBA Playoffs victory, mentioning his late father, Guppy Troup.

The athlete gave his father the WWE belt he had earned at the game after his great victory, and he couldn’t have been happier to show it off to the screaming crowd.

Kyle Troup
Kyle Troup Wins PBA Jonesboro Open for Fourth Career Title; Dedicates Victory to Ailing Mother (Source: Twitter)

More intriguingly, Kyle’s father was also a former professional bowler for the PBA. He is remembered for winning 41 titles on the PBA Regional Tour and eight national championships.

It’s obvious where Kyle got his inspiration from because he became one of the best bowlers ever. He continued by mentioning how comforting his father’s presence had been. Although Kyle is at the top of his game, his admirers are very interested in learning about his personal life and are frantically trying to find out if he is married.

Is Kyle Troup Married?

The professional bowler is now 30 years old, but he has not yet found a suitable marriage. The bowler, who is considered to be the most eligible bachelor on the PBA Tour, made an amusing video appearance in August 2020 where he pretended to be hunting for a spouse.

Kyle elaborated on what his first date would be like saying, “I’m lively, impulsive, and affectionate,” and described himself as such.

If I had to sum up the ideal date, I would say that it should probably begin at Dave and Buster’s. Find a dartboard somewhere; I love darts. You know a woman’s got to enjoy her cuisine because I most certainly do, so try making some spaghetti at home or going out to a great dinner.

The cosmos might be at work to send him and his companion on their way as he makes his appeal for a compatible match. However, his career will continue to be his top priority until he finds the one he’s seeking for.

About Kyle Troup

His former bowler father, whose drive was a big factor in Kyle’s success, gets a lot of credit for his bowling prowess. Kyle’s father not only inspired him to compete at the highest level, but the PBA champion also carried on his father’s dazzling style.

Kyle draws a lot of attention with his distinctive appearance, which consists of bright clothing, a jersey that says “storm,” and curly hair. Along with his contagious energy, which radiates everywhere he goes, he also stands out from the crowd with his amazing two-handed hitting technique.

The PBA estimated Kyle’s overall earnings to be 381,573.33 USD based on his career victories. He will soon join the group of bowlers with a sizable fortune given the rate at which his career is growing.

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