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Waterford Police Officer Death, Why Did Adam Lapkowski Suicide

Adam Lapkowski

Adam Lapkowski, a local of Uncasville, graduated from the police academy in December 2008 and immediately began working in the patrol division.

He was named Waterford’s Police Officer of the Year for 2019. Lapkowski, a local, attended Great Neck School for his elementary and secondary education before transferring to Waterford High School, from which he graduated in 2003.

He attended the University of Connecticut at Avery Point for two years before transferring to Southern Connecticut State University to major in finance.

The recent suicide of a police officer in Waterford has prompted many queries from the public.

A Preston police officer committed suicide on Monday afternoon, just close to his mother’s grave.

Adam Lapkowski, 37, a police officer for the city of Waterford, was found dead on Route 2A in the Poquetanuck Cemetery.

“Adam was an incredible person. Chief Marc Balestracci of the Waterford Police Department remarked, “He was one of our best cops and was well-liked, very skilled, and highly respected.”

Our police officers and the community were much aided by having him as a friend and advisor. His legacy will continue to have an important effect on many lives.

The Waterford Police Department has lost Adam Lapkowski, Officer 1. (Facebook as the source)
On Monday afternoon, the Waterford Police Department issued an alert asking state and local police to keep an eye out for a distraught male driving a vehicle and maybe carrying a weapon.

Chief John Rich of the Ledyard Police Agency said that the radio warning was received at 12:07. Officers from both his agency and the State Police arrived at the cemetery between 12:18 and 12:20.

A State Police investigation claims that officials found Lapkowski lying on the ground and not breathing. Medical responders pronounced him deceased at the scene.

In 1996, Joanne Witt-Lapkowski was murdered; she was laid to rest there. She gave birth to Lapkowski, making her his mother.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison with a release date of 2036. According to State Police, the circumstances surrounding Lapkowski’s death are still being explored.

The Parents of Adam Lapkowski

To the police officer’s knowledge, Adam was somewhat guarded when it came to discussing his private life, including his family.

John Lapkowski, Adam’s adopted uncle, reflected on the fact that his nephew “always wanted to be a Police officer” from the time he was a kid.

He observed that few people “get to be what they wanted to be when they were kids.” He reflected with pride on his son’s days on the basketball court.

After playing varsity basketball for three years at Waterford High School, he did so for another two at UConn Avery Point.

According to Lapkowski, his son excelled in math and reading when he was little. He recalls eating family meals at Yankee Stadium with Adam and his mates.

“I always used to grab this guy and say, ‘I love this little man,'” he recalled, referring to his kid. It’s tragic, he went on to say.

As a result, you may find yourself saying something like, “I’m just crushed, wondering if there was any way I could have discovered he was in trouble and tried to pick him up.”

Lapkowski’s wife, Shana Golden, and their two sons are abandoned. Lapkowski had filed for divorce from Golden in November, and the proceedings had not yet been finalized at the time of his death.

Ledyard’s top dog, Rich, had this to say: “It’s tragic.” We are thinking of and praying for the officer’s loved ones and his fellow officers and staff at the Waterford Police Department.

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