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Police Claim That Brian Ward Was Shot To Death When He Vanished In 2020

Brian Ward

When Brian Ward vanished, he was only seventeen years old. His family searched high and low for him, but by the time they eventually learned where he was, it was too late.

The D.C. Police discovered Brian’s body, and his family is still mourning the loss of their loved one. Their appeal for justice for their teenage son received widespread support.

Police claim Brian Ward was fatally shot when he vanished in 2020

In a few regions of America, Brian Ward is one of the most well-known people as the tragic account of the teen’s death is shared. Brian Ward was only seventeen years old when he disappeared. When his family discovered where he was, they looked everywhere for him, but it was too late.

Brian’s body was found by the D.C. Police, and his family is still grieving his passing. Widespread support was given to their request for justice for their adolescent son.

Police have detained a 24-year-old man about the death of a 17-year-old boy who was reported missing in 2020.

Brian Ward was reported seriously missing by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) after he was last seen in late September 2020. His family expressed their concern, noting Brian’s odd lack of contact with them.

Nguyen shot Ward at least six times in his car during a drug transaction in the 300 block of Allison Street in Northwest, according to recently filed court documents. Nguyen agreed to provide Ward access to a marijuana app. Ward, who had a gun, slid into the passenger seat as things got heated. Nguyen said that Ward was robbing him when he was able to remove the gun and shot Ward.

He asserted that after getting rid of the pistol, he left with Ward still in the car. Nguyen stated that he had discarded his body close to his home in the 6900 block of Contee Road in Laurel.

According to his father, Nguyen moved to California to stay with his family after Ward vanished. Jonathan Ward insisted he was not aware of any drug activity and that the suspect’s account of what happened was the only one that should be taken seriously.

The family of Brian Ward is still in mourning

Brian Ward, 17, of Petworth, went missing more than a year ago, but his family just recently revealed that his remains had been found. Jonathan Ward claims that on Thursday, the Police called him to let him know that a body believed to be his son’s had been discovered.

He asserted that a person of interest discovered throughout the inquiry gave homicide detectives the location of the remains. Brian was classified as gravely missing after his disappearance in late September 2020. Jonathan Ward remembers his son’s request to go out with friends once his homework and other commitments were finished.

According to his buddies, Brian was last seen a few hours later near his house getting into a black four-door Acura.  Brian’s family, rarely avoided contacting them.

According to a representative of the Metropolitan Police Department, the remains were found in Maryland, but the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has not yet positively identified them. The reason for death is unknown. However, Jonathan Ward asserted that some of the clothing found there matched his son’s items.

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