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Poché is a YouTube sensation from Columbia. Poché and her friend Calle have a YouTube channel. The pair is well-known for their bi-weekly videos, tutorials, and channel videos.

Quick Biography

What is the Net Worth of Poché? Salary, Earnings

Poché includes two YouTube play buttons. As they surpassed 100,000 and 1 million subscribers, they added one silver and one gold play button to their YouTube channel. Similarly, the duo received the MIAW icon award in 2019.

Poché’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million. Their main source of income is YouTube, where they earn about $180,000 per year. Similarly, she supplements her income through sponsorships and promotions. She leads an active and opulent lifestyle.

Where was Poché born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Mara José Garzón, his full name, was born on October 31, 1995. She is also 25 years old. She was born in the Colombian city of Bogota. Similarly, she is of Columbian descent and is born under the sign of Scorpio. Natalia was compelled to give birth to Mara José Garzón. Despite posting pictures of herself with her father on social media, his identity remains unknown.

Her younger sister, Valentina Garzón, is also well-known on social media. Ramón is the name of her dog. She was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. She was a very fun, loving, and outgoing child when she was child. Similarly, ballet dances captivated her and she began taking classes in them at the age of four.

Is Poché Single? Relationship

She considers herself bisexual. She is also an incredibly attractive woman. Daniella Calle is her current fiancee. Since 2015, the bisexual couple has experienced incredible love and bonding. They are inseparable, and they share common goals and interests.

She’s never been involved in a scandal or a controversy. She and her friend Cally try to stay out of trouble. She and Cally, on the other hand, keep their online profiles clean and are dedicated to their YouTube channel.

How tall is Poché? Weight, Hair Color

Poché is a fantastically talented woman with a wonderful personality. The weight and height of the YouTuber are unknown. Her waist-waist-hip measurements are also unknown. She has black hair and brown eyes as well.

How did Poché start her Professional Career?

She is a popular YouTuber who started his career at a young age. Her YouTube channel is called ‘Cally Y Poché. Poché and her friend Cally run the channel. Similarly, 7.56 million people subscribe to the channel. By being consistent in the type of content they produce, the duo has amassed a large fan base over the years.

The channel primarily publishes biweekly vlogs, as well as tutorial and challenge videos featuring other YouTubers. Poché and Cally formed a partnership and launched their channel on October 16, 2015. Similarly, the channel has published approximately 211 videos to date. In May, their first YouTube video, titled ‘Somos Cally Y Poche!,’ was released.

The video, which was released on November 1, 2015, shows the duo introducing themselves and playing some games. It received over 1.4 million views and attracted a large audience. Over the years, the duo has amassed millions of viewers. Their most popular video is a “Roast Yourself” challenge.

On March 7, 2018, the video went viral, garnering over 149 million views. She and Cally are bisexuals who have dedicated their lives to making videos about their sexuality.

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