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Pleasure P Son

Pleasure P Son

Who is Pleasure P Son?

Pleasure P‘s 17-year-old son is being sought by Florida authorities. He is accused of shooting and killing a 24-year-old man before abandoning his body on a highway.

According to the Miami Herald, Broward County sheriff’s investigators asked for the public’s help Wednesday in their search for Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr., who they believe shot and killed TyronArthus on Oct. 8. Last Monday, a Broward County judge issued an arrest warrant for officers on the allegation of first-degree premeditated murder with a handgun.

The teenager suspect was riding in a vehicle with the victim in the early hours of October 8, according to Sheriff’s officers. Cooper allegedly then ordered him out of the car and shot him many times. His body was discovered on the highway’s shoulder. Arthus’ body was discovered and declared dead on the side of the road by David Fire Rescue personnel.

Cooper should be considered dangerous and armed, according to the sheriff’s office. The homicide inquiry is still ongoing. In her pursuit of justice, the victim’s mother, Marie Arthus, has also asked for justice.

They killed my son by treating him like a dog by the side of the road. It wasn’t fair, said Marie Arthus, who was standing next to Sheriff Gregory Tony. “Leaving someone to die on the side of the road is an outrage that we cannot condone,” Tony said, adding that his organization would not rest until Cooper was imprisoned.

Tony further warned the public that Cooper’s accomplices will be apprehended by deputies.”You will eventually run out of territory and find yourself under the care and custody of this agency.”We will keep you up to date on any new developments.

Where was Pleasure P Son born?

Marcus Cooper Jr, a 17-year-old kid, is the father of Pleasure P. He is a mystery, and his life is shrouded in mystery. Marcus, on the other hand, has a kid, and Pleasure P recently became a grandfather at the age of 36.

Pleasure P posted a photo of his son in January 2021 with the caption, “You’ll help me wish @yrkcheck happy birthday.”Marcus appears to have deactivated his account, and the profile @yrkcheck to which he connected has vanished.

Marcus Cooper JR is being sought for murder

The FBI is looking for Marcus Cooper Jr. for murder. A warrant for his arrest has been issued. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office announced his identity after stating he was guilty of the October murder of a man on Interstate 595. On October 8th, he was charged with shooting Tyron Arthus, 24, and then leaving his body on the highways.

According to WSVN Miami, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony claimed that it makes no difference if the suspect is in South Florida or Maine. He was convicted of a crime in Broward County, and we intend to return him. “We want you to turn yourself in, but make sure you don’t make any mistakes.” “We’re not going to wait for you,” he said.

Pleasure P answers and denies the charges

Pleasure P took to Instagram on Thursday, November 11th, to deny all claims leveled against his son. “So, because he’s such a jerk, let me ask you this question.” The fugitive is a 17-year-old male. “Tagging the BSO lead detective and telling him to go live right now,” he responded. “They tried to change my son into someone he wasn’t.” “Innocent unless proven guilty,” he added.

The musician chastised media sites for publishing photographs of his son’s face without his permission. They weren’t authorized, he argued, because they “didn’t charge him as an Adult.” Then he expressed his disappointment that people were posting about his 17-year-old son when they had no idea what was going on.

In another video, he criticized newspapers for labeling him “armed or dangerous.” My son wanted nothing,” he remarked. Let us first establish the facts.”

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