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Pernilla Sjoholm

Pernilla Sjoholmt

Pernilla Sjoholm- Biography

Pernilla Sjoholm is a Swedish public figure, television actress, and businesswoman. She rose to prominence after her true-life documentary series The Tinder Swindler aired on Netflix on February 2, 2022. Pernilla’s story centers around her ex-boyfriend Shimon Hayut (Simon Leviev), who was a playboy scammer and con guy.

He utilized Tinder to find European women and then fool them into thinking he was a wealthy diamond dealer by telling them several lies. Pernilla appeared in the film The Tinder Swindler and has given countless interviews about her tragic experience. After the Netflix series aired, many people became aware of Pernilla’s reality.

What is the Net Worth of Pernilla Sjoholm? Salary, Earnings

Pernilla, who has worked in several hotels and now owns her own business, had previously lost a considerable quantity of money after being tricked by a con man named Shimon Hayut. She just earned a substantial sum of money while working on a Netflix documentary. She has repeatedly displayed a luxurious lifestyle on Instagram. However, because we do not have exact information on her earnings, we cannot publish her net worth at this time.

Pernilla Sjoholm- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Pernilla is a Swedish native who was born in Stockholm on January 7, 1987. Sjoholm and her brother enjoyed a happy childhood filled with fun and love. She spent her entire childhood and acquired all of her education in Stockholm. Sjoholm continued her education in hotel and tourism after finishing high school, and she received her degree from Stockholm’s hotel and tourism program. She then worked at several hotels and worldwide restaurant brands. Her life changed in 2018, though, when she met Shimon Hayut.

When discussing her family, Pernilla has posted a photo of herself with her grandfather Gert Sjoholm and grandmother Britt Sjoholm, as well as her cousin sister Firda Sjoholm. She has also revealed her photographs to her father, but never to her mother. Her father and mother appear to have previously divorced. Her father is in his seventies and adores his daughter. Pernilla’s family also includes one biological brother. She posted a photo of herself and her brother, Mr. Alfredo, as well as her ex-fiancé, with whom she was previously engaged.

Pernilla Sjoholm- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

By looking at her Instagram profile, we determined that she was engaged to her fiancé between 2010 and 2012. In 2018, she and he divorced. She had previously shared many images with her lover. Her boyfriend’s name is Stefan Svensson. She used to call Ryan Gosling her lover. Because he resembles Ryan Gosling in appearance. At the beginning of 2018, she met Mr. Shimon Hayut (Simon Leviev) on tinder and began dating him.

They started corresponding and finally met in cities like Amsterdam, Stockholm, Rome, and Mykonos. She was wealthy at the time and made money through a variety of means. Shimon Hayut (Simon Leviev) sought her guidance first on his wardrobe and where he should go. He pretended to be a wealthy man to Pernilla at first, and he was successful in enticing her in with his false identity of Shimon Hayut, despite the fact that his real name was Simon Leviev. Shimon began pestering Pernilla for money in November 2018 and continued to do so.

He told her at the time that he was in danger and that the only person he could trust was Pernilla. Shimon had begun dating Cecilie before abandoning Pernilla. He, like Pernilla, betrayed Cecilie and exploited her for financial gain. Mr. Simon presented Cecilie’s credit card to Pernilla. Simon was able to collect £25,000 from Pernilla after approaching her and telling her that he would return it later. Pernilla transferred this amount from her savings account, which she had put up to assist her in purchasing a new home.

Later, Leviev duped Pernilla by claiming that his rivals had frozen his whole bank account. Miss Pernilla did not disclose the scam to Swedish police until it was too late, and the cops were unable to catch Shimon. She was then able to meet Shimon thanks to the assistance of a VG journalist. This is the same journalist who previously photographed Shimon. By working with the media, she was able to force Shimon to give information that would help her have him imprisoned.

Shimon threatened Pernilla over the phone at the time, stating, “You will pay for the rest of your life if you double-cross me.” Her partner was later arrested and imprisoned for five months. He was apprehended in Greece in October of this year while traveling with a forged passport. In December, Leviev was extradited to Israel and found guilty of historical fraud. He received a 15-month prison sentence and was ordered to pay the victims £31,000 in compensation as well as a £4,200 fine. Unfortunately, he was released after 5 months in prison and is now residing in Israel.

Pernilla Sjoholm- Professional Career

According to Pernilla’s Linkedin profile, she began working as a seller for a company called Select in 2007. Beginning in 2010, she worked as a Restaurant Manager for more than three years. In 2014, she worked as a seller at Beans in Cup restaurant, where she was featured in Hotels and Restaurants. She will join Cafe Bar Sverige AB as a National Key Account Horeca in August 2021. Since 2020, she has also worked as an independent entrepreneur at Pernilla Elisabeth AB in Stockholm. She recently appeared in the documentary The Tinder Swindler, which is based on her true-life betrayal story.

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