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PCOS Contributes To Elle King’s Weight Loss Struggles

Elle King

Elle King is currently nine months pregnant. Elle King has been ecstatic since learning earlier this year that she is pregnant with her fiance Dan Tooker’s child.

The singer-songwriter, who was in her second trimester at the time, announced her pregnancy to the world for the first time in the March issue of People, where she also detailed her long struggle to conceive.

“This is something I’ve not only desired for as long as I can remember but also struggled with for a very long time,” King explained. “This entire pregnancy has been a miracle.”

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Her Pregnancy Is Aborted

According to the article, the 32-year-old artist struggled with infertility in the past. Due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance disorder, she had previously lost two pregnancies.

King addressed the matter by adding that pregnancy loss due to PCOS is a significant problem faced by many women.

She said,

“But it’s so private, like if you must go through it alone.” She asserted that such themes were no longer acceptable for discussion. Consequently, the individual dealing with it felt ashamed.

I’ve experienced loss, and the misery of losing two pregnancies feels like the end of my existence. You must endure this intense, extremely grueling, and startling period of grief. You’re feeling like a failure.

Now in her third pregnancy, King courageously told her parents, siblings, and close friends about her plight. She claimed that she will need the assistance of her “support squad” if she suffers the same fate as before.

Difficulties with Weight Loss

The California-born singer highlighted her inability to shed weight in a recent interview. She explained that her weight increase and irregular menstruation were both caused by PCOS. She had always suffered with weight growth, continued King.

However, after contacting an Albuquerque fertility specialist, the drug proved helpful, and she eventually conceived through spontaneous ovulation.

She stated that, now that life is being generated within her body, she no longer has negative feelings about herself and considers her body to be lovely and healthy.

Now Pregnancy Status of the King

King, who is in her ninth month of pregnancy, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. She announced the news to her Instagram followers. She posted on August 5 that she had been advised to stay at home until her due date for the health of her unborn child.

In her caption, she also claimed that she would see everyone after delivering birth. “Take your time, sister. I wish you a swift recovery, ” said vocalist Erika Wennerstrom.

A member of her band, Chris Stapleton, wrote, “Elle, take care of yourself! We miss you already and can’t wait to see you again.” On July 14, the singer posted a selfie of herself with her baby bump along with the caption, “8 months pregnant.”

In the black and white photograph, she stood behind her quad bike and dog, with a modest wooden cabin and woodland in the background.

It should come as no surprise that everyone is happy because her due date is approaching. We wish her a speedy recovery and congratulate her on the impending addition of a new member to her family.

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