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Parents of Sydney Mclaughlin Are Responsible for Her Career

Sydney Mclaughlin

The accomplishments Sydney McLaughlin has made as an American hurdler and sprinter while still in her early 20s are not the result of sporadic hard effort and dedication. And her family is the source of her inspiration to give her all on track. Sydney is not the only athlete establishing a name for herself; in fact, her parents were also well-known for being elite runners back in the day.

Parents of Sydney McLaughlin from Trackstar

Sydney Mclaughlin

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Sydney was heavily impacted by her athletic parents, who gained notoriety as runners throughout their high school and college years, when she was born on August 7, 1999.

The mother of the Olympic gold medallist, Mary Neumeister McLaughlin, a graduate of Manhattan College, ran track in high school. She showed good potential as a 400- and 800-meter runner, but because ladies were not allowed on the track at her institution, she was forced to give up.

Willie McLaughlin, Sydney’s father, was a talented runner who won numerous All-American titles at Manhattan College. He even advanced to the 400-meter semifinals of the US Olympic Trials.

Sydney is one of four children born to Sydney’s parents, who attended the same college, along with Morgan, Tylor, and Ryan. All of her parents’ children were exposed to tracks from a young age, but none of them felt forced to choose a sport.

But in the end, it turned out that they all developed a passion for athletics. Sydney’s father said the following when discussing the kids with NJ: All of them participated in basketball and soccer. But we were aware they would enter the track all along.

He continued by saying that when his children were eight, he began them on the track. Sydney and Tylor gradually joined his daughter Morgan to use their track skills as she advanced on the circuit.

While all of the McLaughlin children have a competitive edge in sports, Taylor and Sydney stand out due to their successes the most. Along with Sydney, Tylor is another well-known runner who won silver in the 400m hurdles event at the 2016 IAAF World U20 Championships.

The Olympic gold medalist’s brother Rayn is a successful runner, similar to Sydney’s sister Morgan who excelled as a runner while attending Peter’s University. While each McLaughlin is progressing at their rate in their specialized industries, Sydney seems to be under more pressure to perform at the highest level.

Sydney is already on track to reach a more major milestone, but she still feels pressure from others’ high expectations for her. However, her parents are there to make sure she is as comfortable as possible doing anything she does on the track. That being said, Sydney’s father said,

We checked to make sure they weren’t placing themselves under unnecessary stress. They have our utmost admiration. Sydney expressed her viewpoint on the subject as well, saying,

People anticipate you to break barriers and raise the bar. However, I’m just trying to concentrate on doing my best while ignoring how other people are running and just enjoying myself.

Details about Sydney McLaughlin

Sydney, who is of mixed heritage, has made a name for herself among the top young athlete’s thanks to a long record of successes she has racked up throughout her running career. The Union Catholic Regional High School alumna not only has a stellar track record but also has exceptional academic credentials.

The athlete began her training at a young age, and after competing in the 400m hurdles event at the 2015 Cali World Youth Championships, she gained significant attention.

She hasn’t turned around since and never will. Her gold medal victory in the 2020 Summer Olympics, however, defined her professional career. The athlete, who will be 23 in 2022 and has a hunger for accomplishing more, will undoubtedly have a wonderful future ahead of her.

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