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OnlyFans Model Sky Bri Accuses Shy Glizzy Of Sexual Assault And Misconduct

Shy Glizzy

Model for OnlyFans, Sky Bri, accuses Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct. Sky and Glizzy cooperated on the music video for “White Girl” last month, and Sky claims she has not been compensated.

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Model, Sky Bri accuses Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct

Sky Bri, a model for OnlyFans, has accused Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct after the two collaborated on the production of his “White Girl” video last month.

Sky appeared as a recent guest on “No Jumper,” where she stated that she was forced to take a bizarre medication during filming and that Glizzy then requested they engage in oral sex after displaying his penis unexpectedly.

Bri confirmed to Adam22 that she had worked with Glizzy on a photo shoot a few months earlier and had accepted his request to appear in the “White Girl” film despite battling to cut her salary from $5,000 to $3,000.

During the 10-hour video shoot, she claims that the D.C. rapper made repeated sexual advances toward her, and the situation allegedly reached its peak when Jefe and “his crew” locked Sky in the kitchen.

Sky asserts that despite caving to pressure and ingesting the substance she assumed to be molly, she completed the video’s production.

In addition, she said that he entered the room as she was packing and wanted oral sex; when she refused, he allegedly refused to pay the remainder of the cost.

Sky asserts that she sought safety with video director Whipalo and the crew, who ensured that she returned home safely in a different vehicle.

The Only Fans representative stated in the podcast:

“I am fortunate to be in a position where I did not require [$3,000 or $5,000]. I was able to respond, “No, I’m not going to s*** on you.”

She went on:

“I’m okay with not being compensated.’ I walked away. However, I consider other females who have starred in music videos or been in a similar situation: “They need the money, so they will do it.”

Ant Glizzy supported Shy Glizzy’s counterclaims

Glizzy, a former member of the Glizzy Gang, has supported the allegations against Shy Glizzy.

Ant uploaded a YouTube video shortly after the Sky Bri interview corroborating the allegations.

“Shy Glizzy is a bottle-spiking professional. He spikes bottles… It’s set to be the ‘Me Too’ movement; Shy Glizzy has been spiking girls’ drinks for 15 years. He’s been poisoning girls’ drinks since I’ve been around him. I assure you, that is his treatment!”

He added:

“However, here is how he was caught; I’ll give you the scenario: he believed Sky Bri to be a pornstar. If she were an adult female celebrity, he felt he could easily obtain her. He is currently off his pivot, he is stumbling, and “he has lost his wits.”

Shy has disputed the charges

Shy Glizzy is defending his reputation after OnlyFans’ Sky Bri alleged he gave her a pill when they were filming his “White Girl” music video.

On Akademiks’ “Off The Record” show on Spotify, the D.C. rapper addressed the allegation for the first time. He disputed the accusation and cast doubt on her account of what occurred on-site.

Shy asserted that, as an artist, he has no responsibilities on a music video set and, as a result, he would not have been able to connect with Sky as she described the shoot from the previous year.

The rapper added that he was too much of a player to get caught up and that he did not feel compelled to respond to “false claims.”

Fans have never heard of previous allegations of sexual misconduct against him, therefore he asserts that Sky’s claim cannot be legitimate.

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