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On Chicago P.D., What Happened To Jay Halstead

Jay Halstead

One of the main characters on Chicago Med, Dr. Will Halstead, has a younger brother named Jay. Jay’s radio code was 5021 George, and his badge number was 51163.

The Superintendent’s Award of Merit, Blue Star Award for Police Service, Special Service Award, Traffic Stop of the Month Award, Lifesaving Award, and Democratic Convention Service Award are all prominently displayed on his Class A uniform.

On Chicago P.D., what happened to Jay Halstead?

In a case involving protecting the reputation of an Army veteran who had assisted in a heist, Jay once more broke the law to apprehend the thieves.

For the sake of his family and reputation, the man chose not to report the vet who ultimately sacrificed her life while defending another lady. But after learning he had stabbed a guy and disobeyed the law once more, Jay made the decision to leave Intelligence.

At the airport, Jason Beghe’s character, Voight, came to bid him farewell and made him an offer for any position he wanted to keep. The problem, Jay claimed in answer, was that he aspired to be Voight. It’s like you’ve always told me: I’m not, and I shouldn’t try, he said to his former employer. After that, they shook hands, and Jay left Chicago.

What’s His Next Destination?

Jay Halstead had been employed with the Intelligence Unit for a month when the series started. He offers his tactical expertise.

As a skilled marksman and former Ranger, he regularly acts as the team’s designated sniper when protection is required. His interrogation methods are blunt and insistent.

In the last moments of the show, he told Hailey that he had joined an Army squad that hunted down Cartel soldiers and that they had sent him to Bolivia for eight weeks. She was the love of his life, and he told her they would triumph.

The absurdity of Jay Halstead’s resignation from the Chicago Police

For nine seasons, Jay Halstead served as the Intelligence Unit’s moral arbiter. Halstead later started to resemble Voight in Season 10. When Upton and Voight devised a new cover-up in Season 10, Episode 3, “A Good Man,” Halstead experienced a change of heart, but it is not who he is.

His decision to leave everything behind and spend eight months in Bolivia, though, is a big departure from his usual actions. It is scarcely a good enough reason to throw up his marriage and profession because he can’t stand shady police work on Voight’s level.

It unfairly assigns Voight responsibility for Halstead’s resignation. The show ought to have enabled Jay Halstead to depart while upholding right, honesty, and honor rather than tearing him apart.

Even worse, despite their strong bond, Jay quits the force and the nation without consulting Upton. Fans anticipated that Upstead would end with Halstead’s departure, but no one could have foreseen how horrible.

It seems as though the writers had planned to bring an end to Upstead by having Upton file for divorce due to Halstead’s dubious activities, but at the last minute opted to keep them together.

Though they stayed wed in “A Good Man,” Halstead put an end to the Upstead marriage when he convinced Upton that she could choose to let him go. Even though he insisted she was the love of his life, the damage he caused made it impossible for their relationship to continue.

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