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Nikocado Avocado Have Separated From Orlin Home After Six Years Together

Nikocado Avocado

Orlin Home, a notable YouTuber from Columbia and Nikocado Avocado’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, announced their divorce on Instagram. After six years of marriage, Rodrigo Gonzalez, popularly known as Orlin Home, took to social media to inform his followers that he and his “beloved husband” had decided to split.

The renowned mukbanger continued by explaining why neither of them had posted anything on social media. The home indicated in a separate Instagram post,

Nick remains alive and healthy

According to the message, the YouTuber is “doing well and taking a break from social media due to personal reasons.” After more than a month of silence on his YouTube channel, Nikocado Avocado’s fans were concerned about his health and found the answer reassuring.

Many believed that his recent weight gain was responsible for his extended absence, and many speculated that he had died. However, none of the allegations were supported by evidence.

In a Facebook community, Orlin Home and Nikocado Avocado met one another.

Orlin Home, a renowned YouTuber from Columbia, began his YouTube career in 2019 by uploading mukbang videos. On several instances, he has collaborated with fellow celebrity mukbanger Nikocado Avocado.

His food-related videos on the video-streaming website have garnered him a respectable 285,000 fans. He has collaborated on a number of fast-food mukbang films, such as Wendy’s, DQ, and Popeye’s.

In a 2016 video, Nikocado Avocado claimed that he and Home met on a Facebook forum for vegan men. They were friends for a long time, yet their bond grew stronger over time. The couple wed in 2017, but their relationship has been tumultuous since then.

Avocado published a video titled We broke up in 2020 in which he blamed negative feedback and comments on their videos for the breakup.

In another video, the 30-year-old YouTuber revealed his wish to discontinue his vlogging career as a result of the breakup while consuming a large amount of Taco Bell.

However, the YouTuber continued to produce videos and work with his on-again, off-again partner. Avocado posted a second breakup video titled We broke up in 2022, which included Home. The two appeared to be engaged in a brawl, with Home yelling,

“Because you are so f*ck* cruel, you have ruined my life, harmed my body, and made me miserable, unhappy, and wretched.” You have considerable authority.”

Home nonetheless referred to avocado as “evil” and “controlling”

Orlin Holme’s statement brings closure to Nikocado Avocado’s demise. In July 2022, “Nikocado Avocado is dead” began trending online, causing a big outcry among his supporters.

A deleted video with the title Nikocado Avocado Died fueled the suspicions (Trigger Warning). The video garnered over 7,000 likes. The video claimed that the YouTube celebrity had passed away because he had not published a video in eight days, which was out of character.

Prior to the present vacation, the YouTuber was active on the site for five years, uploading videos daily. Many followers, on the other hand, drew less hasty judgments and concluded that his absence was due to illness or a break from social media due to his troubled personal life.

With the Home upgrade, Avocado’s anxious lovers appear to have found some peace.

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