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Nick Castellanos Kids: Meet His Wife Jess Castellanos, And Net Worth

Nick Castellanos

Right fielder Nick Castellanos is a member of the Major League Baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies.

Castellanos began his career in 2010 after being selected by the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers later sent him to the Chicago Cubs on July 31, 2019.

Once again, on January 27, 2020, he agreed to a four-year deal with the Cincinnati Reds, but he chose to break it.

He signed a $100 million, five-year deal in March 2022 in order to be signed by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Updates on Nick Castellanos’s net worth till 2023

Nick, a baseball player, has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to the sources. The Sources determined his basic pay to be $20,000,000, which also included his signing bonus.

He agreed to a $100 million, five-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2022, which is a significant sum of money.

Additionally, he has been making more money than in the past after joining the Philadelphia club in 2022. He made less money last year than what was stated above.

As a result, Nick’s job as a baseball right folder, which he began in 2010, is his main source of income.

As a result, he has been making a respectable income as a baseball player since 2010, and his net worth grows every year.

The children of Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos, a well-known baseball right fielder, is the father of Liam Castellanos. 2013 marked the year of his birth.

With his ex-wife Vanessa Hernandez, Castellanos gave birth to Liam in 2013; the pair later wed in 2015.

Since their breakup in 2017, the pair have been co-parenting Liam; they dated for a very long time before getting married.

Nick hasn’t said much about his ex-wife; he was previously married, so he may not want to discuss it.

Castellanos often included photos of his kid in his Instagram posts; the two of them had a close relationship.

From the photos, it seems that Liam spends more time with his father; they often observe holidays together.

Along with his father, he gets along well with Jess, Castellanos’s current wife. Nick and Jess also have a son; Otto, their first child, was born in May 2022.

Nick and his partners have two boys who are of different ages.

Introducing Nick Castellanos’ wife Castellanos, Jess

Two marriages later, Nick Castellanos is now wed to Jessica Gomez, also known as Jessica Castellanos or Jess.

He divorced his first wife in 2017, at which point the two began dating. They often posted images of them online.

After almost four years of dating, they made the decision to be married in 2021 in a private ceremony with only one member of their immediate family.

Given that she has participated in several games of Castellanos with their kid, his wife seems to be a strong proponent of his profession.

Jess’s occupation is unclear, she hasn’t disclosed much about her personal life, and her social media accounts only include a small number of photographs and postings.

On top of that, the pair seems to have a strong relationship since they often praise one another’s work.

Jesse has a website for little poems and other articles, showing that she is interested in writing. She launched it on Instagram; @jesscastellanosss is the handle of her official account.

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