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Natalia Salas Has Announced Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Natalia Salas

The Peruvian actress Natalia Salas disclosed that she had breast cancer. On her social media account, she announced that she will undergo a mastectomy on September 10. She stated in the video that she sought medical attention in July for breast bleeding. The actress went on,

First, they sent me for an ultrasound, then for an MRI, and finally for a biopsy. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and require surgery.

Prior to surgery, Salas sent a message to her Instagram followers. She stated that it was her last day in her body and that she had no regrets about losing one of her breasts.

She also stated:

“The first step on this path, which begins tomorrow.” Today, I give way to a new version of myself, one that will fight like it has never fought before, one that will be mighty and revolutionary. And successful! We appreciate your love, support, and prayers. #ConTodoMenosMiedo.”

Natalia’s husband, Sergio Coloma, announced on the 10th of September in the afternoon that she had been freed from the operating room without any complications.

All About Natalia Salas

Born on August 23, 1987, Natalia Salas is best known for her role in the American television drama Al fondo hay Iugar. Prior to her acting career, she was interested in music and entered the Worth Dreaming singing competition.

In 2007, Salas debuted on television in the Peruvian soap Rita y Yo. The program featured Cesar Ritter, Jimena Lindo, Gustavo Bueno, Jorge Chiarella, and others.

It concluded in April 2007. She subsequently appeared in television programs such as Asi es la vida, Grafitti, and Placeres y Tentaciones.

Professional Career

Natalia Salas rose to stardom in 2010’s Al fondo hay Iugar as Andrea Aguirre. It was the first Peruvian program to include humorous, dramatic, suspenseful, action-packed, and tragic elements.

Beginning on March 30, 2009, and concluding on December 8, 2016, the program aired for eight seasons. The ninth season of Al fondo hay Iugar was released on June 22, 2022. El Comercio has given it 22 awards and 9 nominations.

The cast also includes Irma Maury, Monic Sanchez, Mayra Couto, Gustavo Bueno, David Almandoz, and Karina Calmet, among others. Salas has performed in both Chicago and Love Without Borders (West Side Story).

She performed in the musical El Chico de Oz and the film El Buen Pedro, both released in 2013. In 2019, she competed in The Artist of the Year and co-hosted El with Ethel Pozo, Renzo Schuller, and Edson Davila Giselo following the event.

Adriana Salas, sister of Natalia Salas, is also an actress. Natalia is married to the photographer Sergio Coloma; they have a son together.

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