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Nadine Samonte Husband Richard Chua Married Life And Kids

Nadine Samonte

Richard Chua, the husband of Nadine Samonte, and the actress have been together since 2013 and are parents to three lovely children.

In addition to her acting talent, Nadine Samonte, a well-known figure in the entertainment world, has drawn notice for her transparent and honest attitude to her private life.

When it comes to her marriage to Richard Chua, Nadine has been quite transparent, in contrast to many celebrities who like to hide their relationships.

Although her professional accomplishments have unavoidably thrust her into the public eye, many have taken notice of her openness to divulge the details of her marital life.

Richard Chua, the spouse of Nadine Samonte, nonetheless, continues to value his solitude.

This article explores the marriage story of Nadine Samonte and Richard Chua, providing insights into their dynamic.

Husband of Nadine Samonte: Has Been Wed for ten years

Renowned actress Nadine Samonte has been in romances with Leandro Muñoz, Oyo Boy Sotto, and Emerson Chua in the past.

She did, however, ultimately meet her true love and be married to Richard Chua. Sources claim that Nadine Samonte’s spouse is a businessman.

On October 30, 2013, Richard and Nadine were married in a private ceremony at a property in Zambales that belonged to Richard’s mother, the former actress Isabel Rivas.

The actress said that they planned to share the specifics of their wedding on their first anniversary, but they kept it a secret for a while.

Richard, Nadine said with passion, was the guy she had been expecting for her whole life.

A week after their first encounter, they were engaged, and three months later, he asked her to marry him. It was six months later that they tied the knot.

Only a small number of friends and family members attended their modest wedding.

Nadine said that in order to properly savor the occasion, they kept their marriage a secret and waited for the appropriate moment to announce it.

Originally, the couple intended to share the news of their impending baby as well as their first wedding anniversary.

They decided to hold off on sharing the news until then, however.

Nadine said she was happy to be Mrs. Nadine Eidloth-Chua and that their maturity made their changes as married pair easier to manage.

She refuted the idea that marriage makes all the difference in the world, saying that she was happy and satisfied with her life.

Nadine said that she was now used to sharing a bed with someone, and she jokingly identified Richard as the person she had been waiting for.

Then, on October 28, Nadine and Richard scheduled a second honeymoon—this time to Bali, Indonesia—after spending their first one in Hong Kong.

Husband Nadine Samonte’s Married Life With Children

Three children, Heather Sloane Chua, Titus Chua, and Harmony Saige Chua, are the happy parents of Nadine Samonte and her husband, Richard Chua.

During an interview, Nadine Samonte spoke about the time her doctor told her she would not be able to conceive because of her antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APAS) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) diagnoses.

She remembered, with tears in her eyes, that she had knelt in a church after learning the news.

She did, however, express thanks for the family life she never dreamed possible after becoming a mother of three.

Now that she has three children, Nadine shared a touching video of herself taking a bath with Harmony, her youngest, as the hymn “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” played in the background.

She said that the song reminds her of a time when she wasn’t yet a mother and her doctor had warned her it may not be able to have children. This is when she heard the song in church.

She vividly recalled that depressing time and juxtaposed it with her current reality, which is that she is a mother to three gorgeous children.

Currently, Nadine Samonte’s spouse and children have a nice life and cherish every second spent together.

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