Murder in Big Horn

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“Murder in Big Horn” Is Set To Released On Showtime

Murder in Big Horn

Murder in Big Horn will premiere on Showtime on February 5, 2023, at 10:00 p.m. ET. The upcoming docuseries will focus on the disappearances of indigenous women in Big Horn County, Montana.

The documentary Murder in Big Horn, directed by Razelle Benally and Matthew Galkin, will feature interviews and perspectives from Montana’s indigenous peoples and higher authorities.

According to the official summary of the show, which can be found on YouTube,

“Murder in Big Horn paints a vivid portrait of tribe people and their communities in Big Horn County, Montana, as they battle a long-standing epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).”

It continues, saying:

“The three-part docuseries, directed by Razelle Benally and Matthew Galkin, examines the circumstances surrounding many of these incidents, as seen entirely through the eyes of those involved: Native families, Native journalists, and local law enforcement personnel.”

Murder in Big Horn trailer and synopsis

You’re Watching Video Music Box, The Fourth Estate, Amy, Shangri-La, Gossip, and other mind-boggling documentaries that have been produced by Showtime over the years. Murder in Big Horn, a brand-new title, is now being eagerly anticipated by fans.

The docuseries will transport viewers back to a time when Big Horn County, Montana, was known as the “most dangerous place in the country” for Native American women. It will highlight individuals who have banded together to fight for justice and will bring attention to the issue.

The show is described as follows by Showtime:

“When three bodies are discovered in Big Horn County, Montana, an area known as ‘the most dangerous place in the country’ for Native American women, local authorities first ignore each death before ruling it accidental, leaving the victims’ loved ones to deal with both their loss and the law enforcement’s indifference.”

It continues, saying:

“As sadness turns to indignation, however, a strong and brave movement is developed to hunt for the truth and raise attention to the pandemic of missing or murdered cases among Native peoples in the US.”.

Razelle Benally, the director of Murder in Big Horn, admits that she has always feared death

Panelists at the Sundance Film Festival’s Deadline Studio included Benally (director-producer), Matthew Galkin (director-EP), Luella Brien (Four Points Press journalist), and Lucy Simpson (executive director, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center). Native American Razelle Benally spoke about her experiences working on Murder in Big Horn.

She stated, ”

“When I was first asked to join the project, I was concerned because there is a problem with extractive narrative in the media. So, after speaking with Matthew and hearing him explain that this would be a collaborative effort, [I decided to participate].”

She went on to describe her daily fear of being killed, saying:

“Because I had always felt so deeply about this subject, as a Native girl growing into a Native woman, the dread of being taken, missing, or killed was always a reality for me. In addition, I’ve always included a social justice component in my work. As a result, taking part in the direction of this documentary series was simply an extension of what I was already doing as a director and filmmaker.”

Lucy Simpson added her thoughts on the title, saying:

“I believe it is about developing connections, which is why the families included in this docuseries were able and eager to convey their stories. That is who we are in our communities as Native Americans. We have a connection. We treat one another like family.”

She continued, saying:

“Building connections is essential, so having individuals come in for 18 months and committing their life to telling this narrative is more than simply telling a story. That is community connection building, which is unusual in Indian Country.”

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