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Munya Chawawa Discusses Zimbabwe, Political Humor, And Stardom

Munya Chawawa

Politics and eyebrows undoubtedly come to mind when you think of Munya Chawawa humor. After taking off during Covid lockdowns, the 29-year-parody old’s news routines have become a must-watch for many.

And he calls the previous year or so “wild.” Despite his reputation for amusing political satire, he is now exploring a topic that he defines as a little bit more serious.

He has been learning about his birthplace, Zimbabwe, and its dictatorial leader and former independence hero, Robert Mugabe.

Munya explains,

“I made it since it’s where I’m from.

He tells BBC Newsbeat that he also wanted “to gain a little bit of closure for myself as to why I had to leave something that felt like heaven.”

So I returned home to tell the tale of what I consider to be one of the most amazing places on Earth.

Mugabe presided over Zimbabwe for 37 years till the military ousted him in 2017.

After he came into office, he received accolades for improving the black majority’s access to healthcare and education.

But the brutal persecution of his political rivals and Zimbabwe’s economic collapse were hallmarks of his last years of reign.

Munya believes Zimbabwe is frequently represented as a country “you’d never want to go near” as a result.

But he adds, “It’s actually quite beautiful, and it’s so full of culture and history, and if I can even give them a bit of that, then I feel very fulfilled.”

Despite the serious subject matter, Munya has included his signature style in the work and claims to have created “the first documentary to explain dictatorships with R&B in history.”

It’s all in the brows, they say. Despite having studied politics at A-Level, Munya claims he wasn’t always interested in the field.

I am interested in the world and in things that influence people’s emotions, he claims.

And recent politics have triggered such a range of emotions that it has been challenging to avoid parody.

Many of Munya’s followers wonder how he can produce his renowned topical videos—reacting to world events—so swiftly.

He quips,

“I never get it threaded since it’s all in the brows.

But he acknowledges that he feels compelled to draw political cartoons as soon as something occurs.

When I see a story break, I’m prepared; the tripod is in place, but occasionally you get the gold after one or two days, so sometimes you’ve got to let things marinate.

So, he continues,

“I’ve gotten much better at handling the gold.

Any budding star would attest that there is always a turning point in life when you realize you have achieved success.

Additionally, Munya has an odd way of gauging his success.

He claims that he evaluates a career moment’s significance based on how much it makes him sweat.

And the sweating started after his encounter with one megastar.

Because The Rock is a man he has admired since he was a boy, he admits, “that was a sweaty moment for me when I was sat opposite The Rock.”

The number of times I saw this man’s elbow touch the ground made it remarkable to be sitting across from him and drawing on it.

Among Munya’s most amazing videos is one in which he satirizes chef Nigella Lawson.

But if he could cook alongside Nigella, what dish would he choose?

We would create the first shepherd’s jerk by using a recipe that combines Caribbean and British cultures, he claims.

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