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Munchausen Through Internet Caused Kelly Ronahan To Lose Her Legs

Kelly Ronahan

Kelly Ronahan’s story is terrible. Most people now find out about it on TikTok, but only a select few people truly saw Kelly’s slide from a healthy woman.

We have a notion that the majority of people are curious to learn more about the young woman’s life after hearing about it on TikTok. Even on Instagram, where she used to post news and updates on her health, she is active.

Few people witnessed Kelly’s transformation from a robust woman with plans to return to dance to a frail woman who need her leg to be amputated to save her life. As many have noted, Ronahan’s tale is incredibly moving.

The Kelly Story: Internet-based Munchausen

The fact that Kelly Ronahan’s illness was unknown hastened her demise. She jumped from one mysterious illness to another, which sparked claims that she made up her ailments to get attention.

Untrue internet rumors assert that Kelly injected feces into her legs to purposefully induce sepsis.

According to the next line, Kelly Monahan first gained attention when it was revealed that she required weekly blood transfusions to cure a rare blood condition at the beginning of 2014.

Doctors were perplexed as to why her hemoglobin level was dropping each week. By March 2016, she had received 95 liters of blood.

“I get three bags every two weeks, so that’s three people, three blood donors to rescue me every two weeks,” Kelly told Global News. Without the transfusions, I would suffer from organ failure and die in a month or six weeks.

Kelly Ronahan’s Health Status: Where Is She Now?

The woman, who was 30 at the time, asserts that she led a healthy, active lifestyle before receiving some puzzling blood test results. “My iron was at zero and [my doctor] then stated my hemoglobin was low,” claims Monahan.

He explained to me that hemoglobin was just my blood because I wasn’t sure what it was at the moment.

The Okanagan College student and former ballet dancer/teacher claimed that her life is currently on hold. Week after week, her physique continues to deteriorate, which saps her vitality during the interview with Global News.

Kelly’s health deteriorated despite getting blood transfusions to help prolong her life. Due to her health, she was unable to return to her job as a ballet instructor.

Because with each transfusion, my tolerance to blood worsens, I’m terrified to hear about the future, Kelly said.

Check Out Kelly Ronahan’s Instagram Page

Under the username @differentially kelly, Kelly Monahan publishes a lot of content on Instagram. Her social media account, where she has gathered 15.6k followers—a challenging amount to reach—has made it possible to contact many of her friends and acquaintances.

Among those who know her, she is well-known. Kelly returned to the hospital a few weeks after her upbeat Instagram post after picking at the sores on her legs.

She was committed for three days to preserve her legs. Kelly’s social media posts gradually dropped after her procedure. She had previously mentioned that she intended to get prosthetic limbs, and she’ll likely update her followers on her progress.

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