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Montana Tucker Started The Series About The Holocaust’s Effect

Montana Tucker

With her educational mini-series on the Holocaust, American singer and social media star Montana Tucker has raised the bar for her TikTok content.

With her singing and dancing videos, Tucker, who has amassed a sizable fan base on the social media platform, has taken a unique tack with her work. The 10-part television series How To: Never Forget premiered on October 24, 2022. The creator of the series wanted to inform her Gen-Z fans about the Holocaust and how it affected the Jewish community.

“Since Generation Z is the generation that is less aware of it, I think the main goal was to teach them. But I think it will also, ideally, change how people see things.

Montana Tucker, a social media influencer with more than 2.8 million Instagram followers and 7.8 million TikTok followers, was born on January 18, 1993.

Tucker is a native of Florida’s Boca Raton. When Tucker was 13 years old, she started performing as a backup dancer for Ashanti and Ashley Simpson. She then took home the “World Hip Hop Championships” title. She also performed on MTV’s My Super 18 and served as Remy Ma’s backup dancer.

She performed as a vocalist at the 2007 Super Bowl Pre-Show and has performed as an opener for artists including Pitbull, Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Flo Rida. One of her songs, Candy Swirl, was also featured on the Bring It On 5 album. Step Up 2: The Streets soundtrack also featured her song, Ain’t No Stressin’.

Since she began defending her identity, Tucker has faced a great deal of criticism. Because of her name and appearance, she claimed that people frequently inquire about whether she is “truly Jewish.” She stated:

What exactly do people mean when they claim that I don’t look Jewish or have a name that sounds Jewish?

After being criticized for years because she “doesn’t seem Jewish,” she ultimately accepted her heritage by producing a Holocaust education series. The series, which depicts the story of Montana Tucker’s grandparents who survived the calamity, was recorded in Poland earlier this year by a team. The group followed the stories from Kraków to Auschwitz through Beech.

The journey and short films were paid for by The Claims Conference, a global organization that seeks to provide Holocaust survivors and their families with compensation, restitution, and assistance. The series was created by Israel Shachter and Rachel Kastner of SoulShop Studios.

The ten-part documentary series completely submerges viewers in the story of how Nazi Germany murdered over six million Jews during World War II. The last episode of the series, which has already received over a million views, will be released soon. This occurs 10 days before Kristallnacht, a pogrom in November 1938 during which 20,000 men were imprisoned in concentration camps and several Jews were murdered.

Instead of trying to hide or cover up her Judaism, Montana Tucker feels she owes it to her ancestors and grandparents to tell this story. She feels that she has a responsibility because of her platform, and she wants to use her over 9 million followers to advance peace and lessen anti-Semitic sentiment.

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