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Miyuu Yamamoto’s Childhood, Husband, And MMA

Miyuu Yamamoto

Miyuu Yamamoto, aka Fighting Queen Bee, has defined age as nothing more than a number. She began her Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career when she was in her retirement years. Yamamoto, who has won three World Wrestling Championships, is now making a name for herself in MMA.

Yamamoto is a 46-year-old Japanese/Canadian mixed martial artist. She currently fights in the Atom weight division for KrazyBee in RIZIN Fighting Federation. Yamamoto has a 6-5-0 MMA record as of 2022. So, what inspired Yamamoto to pursue MMA? Let us investigate.

What is the Net Worth of Miyuu Yamamoto? Salary, Earnings

The salary and net worth have not yet been made public. RIZIN FF, like other MMA promotion companies, does not make their fighters’ personal information public. However, according to various online sources, Yamamoto’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Wrestling and sports hosting were once major sources of income for Yamamoto. She currently makes a living through MMA. Yamamoto is a member of the Krazy Bee gym and has an endorsement agreement with Sunchorella. Yamamoto has already released merchandise such as bottles, t-shirts, and hoodies in collaboration with Krazy Bee and Sunchorella.

Where was Miyuu Yamamoto born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Miyuu Yamamoto, a Japanese MMA fighter, was born on July 4, 1974 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. She has dual citizenship and is 46 years old. Yamamoto is Japanese by birth, but she obtained Canadian citizenship after moving to Canada.

Yamamoto’s father, Ikuei Yamamoto, is a former Olympian who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Yamamoto’s mother’s name and other details are unknown. His father began training her and her siblings (Norifumi Yamamoto and Seiko Yamamoto) at a young age.

Miyuu was raised in a wrestling family since she was a child. It later aided Yamamoto’s career as a decorated female wrestler. Only Yamamoto won the first Japan Women’s Championship when she was 13 years old. She later defended her title for four years in a row. However, due to the age limit, Yamamoto was unable to represent Japan in the World Championship.


Miyuu Yamamoto is their parents’ eldest child. She has a younger sister named Seiko Yamamoto and a younger brother named Norifumi Yamamoto, who died of cancer.

Yamamoto, Seiko

Seiko Yamamoto, like her sister Miyuu Yamamoto, is a 40-year-old Japanese wrestler. She began wrestling lessons at the age of three. She has also won four World Wrestling Championships and two Asian Wrestling Championships. Seiko’s professional career began in 1999 and ended in 2009.

Yamamoto, Norifumi

Norifumi Yamamoto was a Japanese kickboxer and MMA fighter. He, like his sisters, was a wrestler at first. Norifumi, on the other hand, entered MMA at the age of 21. Norifumi was initially trained by Enson Inoue, Yamamoto’s fiancee at the time.

Before joining the UFC, Noifumi competed in MMA promotions such as Sotto, Hero, and Dream. In 2011, he made his UFC debut in the bantamweight division. Norifumi has an 18-6-2 record in the UFC.In 2016, Norifumi was diagnosed with cancer. He died of stomach cancer on September 18, 2018.

Norifumi was Miyuu MMA’s first coach at the start of her career. He was the first of his siblings to begin wrestling.

Quick Facts

Full NameMiyuu Yamamoto
Date of Birth1974/ 08/ 04
Age48 years old (as of July 2021)
Place of BirthKawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Nick NameFighting Queen Bee
NationalityJapan/ Canada (Dual Citizenship)
Father’s NameIkuei Yamamoto
Mother’s NameUnknown
SiblingsNorifumi Yamamoto (Brother) and Seiko Yamamoto (Sister)
Height5 ft 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight50 kgs (110lbs)
Body Mass Index (BMI)17.8
Body MeasurementUnknown
Blood GroupA
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlack
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandKyle Aguon (2020)
Ex-HusbandAkira Sasaki (2006-2011), Enson Inoue (2000-2004) & Nobuyasu Ikeda (1995-1999).
ChildrenThree children
Children nameErson Yamamoto (Eldest Son), Middle son name unknown, and Mia Yamamoto (Daughter)
Profession/ JobFreestyle Wrestling/ Sportscaster/ MMA
CategoryAtomweight (2016- present)
RecordMMA record ( 6-5)
AssociationRIZIN Fighting Federation
ReachNot available
StanceNot available
Shoe numberUnknown
SalaryUnder review
Net worth$1 million (estimate)
Youtube 山本美憂 MiyuuYamamoto
Shoe numberUnknown
AgentKrazy Bee
MMA MerchTshirts, Hoodies, Gloves
Last UpdateSeptember 2022

Is Miyuu Yamamoto Married? Relationship

Miyuu Yamamoto married Kyle Aguon in 2020. He also competes in RIZIN as an MMA fighter. Kyle’s record is 13 wins and 9 losses. Kyle is her fourth marriage. In addition, he owns two coffee shops on Guam. Miyuu also wishes to establish her coffee shop in Japan. She wants to travel the world and try different coffees after she retires.


All of Miyuu’s previous husbands, like Kyle, are athletes. Yamamoto married Nobuyasu Ikeda for the first time in 1995. He was a professional footballer from Japan who played in the J league. Arson Yamamoto, their first child, was born on September 8, 1996. In 1999, they divorced.

She married Enson Inoue, a Japanese/American professional MMA fighter, in July 2000. However, they divorced in 2004.Yamamoto married Akira Sasaki in April 2006. He was a professional alpinist who competed in the Winter Olympics for Japan. Yamamoto gave birth to her second son in December of the same year.

Yamamoto later gave birth to her only daughter, Mia, in November 2008. Similarly, they divorced in 2008.


Miyuu Yamamoto is the mother of three children. Arson is her oldest son, and Mia is her daughter. The name of her youngest son, as well as any other information Yamamoto children expect Arson, has yet to be revealed. She revealed in an interview with RIZIN FF that her children also live with her in Japan.

Arson Yamamoto is a professional MMA fighter who is 24 years old. Ikuei, his grandfather, taught him to wrestle. Arson won numerous junior tournaments before turning professional. In MMA, he is known as Badman. Arson, like her mother and stepfather, currently fights in RIZIN FF. Arson has three wins and five losses on his record.

How tall is Miyuu Yamamoto? Weight, Hair Color

Miyuu Yamamoto’s body type is unusual in comparison to other women her age. Similarly, Yamamoto has kept her physical fitness at a high level to compete in combat sports. Yamamoto is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 50 kilograms (110 lbs). She has a mesomorph body with incredible six-pack abs.

Similarly, even at such a young age, Yamamoto trains regularly to stay in shape and improve her fighting abilities. Yamamoto also has a distinctive hairstyle. She’s already had her hair dyed blue, red, and pink.

How did Miyuu Yamamoto start her Professional Career?

Yamamoto had an impressive wrestling resume before entering MMA. During her wrestling career, she became the youngest and three-time world champion. Yamamoto took many breaks during her career, possibly due to marriage and pregnancy.

Wrestling World Championships

Yamamoto won her first world championship when she was 17 years old. She won her first championship in 47 kgs, defeating Pan Yanping of China. Yamamoto is the World Wrestling Federation’s youngest World Champion. Miyuu went on to win world titles in the 50 kg and 47 kg weight classes in 1994 and 1995, respectively.

Yamamoto retired for the first time in 1995. However, he returned briefly in 1999 to compete in the Queen’s Cup. In the same year, she also won the Asian Championship and the All Japan Women’s Championship.

No Olympics Appearance

Yamamoto returned to active duty in 2004 after retiring in 2000. Wrestling for women became an official Olympic sport for the first time in 2004, at the Athens Olympics. However, Yamamoto finished third in the Japan Queens Cup selection tournament. As a result, she was unable to compete in the Olympics.

Yamamoto returned to wrestling in 2011. She planned to compete in the London Olympics in 2012. Yamamoto, likewise, won the All Japan Women’s Open Championship in October. However, she was eliminated in the second round of the selection tournament.

Yamamoto aimed to compete in the Rio Olympics 2016 after obtaining Canadian citizenship in December 2015. Yamamoto, despite being a Canadian citizen, was unable to compete in the Olympic trials. So, after 2016, she decided to switch from wrestling to MMA.

Caster for Sports

Yamamoto also worked in the Sports Biz group as a sportscaster. While she was away from wrestling, she worked as a sportscaster. Yamamoto was also a leader in the Japan Sports Network-organized Kids Wrestling.


Miyuu Yamamoto joined the York University wrestling coaching staff in 2012. She was the team’s assistant coach. Although she is not currently involved in wrestling, she hopes to open a wrestling school soon.

Martial Artist (MMA)

Yamamoto, 42, signed with RIZIN Fighting Federation in 2016. Even at her advanced age, she accepted a new challenge and demonstrated the highest level of competitiveness. Yamamoto has excelled in sports, even though she is only a rookie.

Yamamoto made her RIZIN debut against Rena Kubota in the Rizin Fighting World Grand Prix on September 25, 2016. She was defeated by submission in the first round. Yamamoto’s son also competed in her debut. Mom and son fought on the same card for the first time in RIZIN history.

Yamamoto lost her second match in a row after Andy Nguyen defeated her by Technical Submission on December 31, 2016. Finally, on July 30, 2017, Yamamoto won her first RIZIN FF race. Cassie Robb was defeated by a unanimous decision. On October 15, 2017, she was defeated by submission in her next fight against Irene Cabello Riveria.

Yamamoto’s RIZIN career did not go exactly as planned. She began with three victories and one defeat. It was not surprising given that she competed in the burgeoning atom weight division.

Four-Fight Winning Run

Yamamoto began her longest win streak in RIZIN with four wins following her loss to Irene. Miyuu first defeated Saori Ishioka in a split decision on July 28, 2018. Yamamoto later defeated Andy Nguyen, whom she had previously defeated in her second fight, on September 30, 2018. She was victorious by unanimous decision.

Yamamoto then defeated Mika Nagano by unanimous decision on December 31, 2018. Later in her career, she got one of the biggest wins of her career when she defeated Kanna Asakura, the top 5 ranked atom weight, by unanimous decision. Yamamoto’s incredible four-match winning streak secured her first title fight. She was only one win away.

Unfortunately, she lost her next fight by TKO to experienced Korean fighter Seo Hee Ham (punches). Yamamoto won a unanimous decision over Suwanam Boonsorn on December 31, 2019. It is her only win in RIZIN FF to date.

Fight for the Title

Yamamoto finally got his title shot for the vacant RIZIN FF super-atom weight title on December 31, 2020. Yamamoto was about to face her toughest opponent to date. She was also about to face former champion, Ayaka Hamasaki. Yamamoto was defeated by submission in the first round. Yamamoto’s defeat to Hamasaki was her final appearance in RIZIN FF before the Covid 19 pandemic hit the rest of the world.

Yamamoto did not rest during the pandemic and devoted herself to improving her MMA skills. Yamamoto currently has a 6-5 record in MMA since her debut in 2016. Miyuu Yamamoto believes that her MMA career has enabled her to train with her family. She, in particular, believes it is a family reunion.

Social Media Details

Miyuu Yamamoto is a frequent social media user. Yamamoto began uploading videos to her YouTube channel in August 2020. She has already uploaded 34 videos to YouTube. Her YouTube subscriber count is private. Similarly, Yamamoto is gradually gaining popularity on Instagram. She usually posts vlogs about her lifestyle, training, and travel, as well as some Q&A.

Yamamoto also has a sizable fan base on Instagram. She has 32k Instagram followers.

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