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Millie Bobby Brown Parents Have Been Criticized For Neglecting Her

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown made a splash in the entertainment world When she portrayed Eleven in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. After a local boy goes missing, a strange and strong female named Eleven appears in the area.

The character of Millie in Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon, with some people even getting tattoos of the name Eleven. We have seen Millie develop from a young toddler into a vivacious teen. You will see in this painting that it was only made possible because of the sacrifice made by her parents, Kelly and Robert Brown.

Robert and Kelly relocated to the UK to give Millie a better chance at Acting

From an early age, Robert and Kelly saw Millie’s talent, and they wanted to give her the finest chances to succeed as a performer. To to Robert, “My other children would watch cartoons, but Mill watched musicals — Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie, and Bugsy Malone,” the Daily Mail reported. She would sing loudly. From the beginning, she was performing.

Robert brought the family to Hollywood after selling all of his possessions in England. However, he had no idea how difficult life would be in Hollywood. The family became too poor to stay in Hollywood as a result of Millie’s failure to secure roles.

Even Millie’s sister left the family at this extremely trying time. My older sister moved out,” Millie told the Daily Mail. She no longer wished to participate in America. It was sobbing nonstop. We experienced difficult circumstances.

When they went bankrupt, the family conceded defeat. To reside with Millie’s aunt, they had to relocate back to the UK. Millie Bobby Brown believed she had reached the end of the line at this point. And to make matters worse, she had to put up with a lousy casting experience.

Following her UK audition for her part in Stranger Things, Millie took a flight back to the US to begin filming the popular series.

Millie’s dad hit headlines when he demanded money from Agents

When Robert sought money from agents attempting to sign Millie in 2016, he made headlines. Numerous agencies were drawn to Millie because of her popularity in Stranger Things, and Robert saw an opportunity to make some money.

Robert reportedly demanded $100,000 from any agency wanting to sign Millie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Robert most likely wasn’t aware that performers, not agents, are the ones who pay them. Then again, it’s possible that the UK’s custom of offering signing incentives for doing business with an agent confused him.

Robert decided to waive his $100,000 threshold, and Millie signed with an agent regardless of the situation. For Stranger Things, Kelly was opposed to Millie cutting her hair.

For the character of Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie had to chop her hair, but her mother objected. Millie’s full head of hair was to her liking. Robert, on the other hand, didn’t mind that Millie cropped her hair.

Elle overheard Bobby say,

My mom’s like, ‘No! That’s not taking place,” And I said, “Mom.” You should calm down; it will grow back. My mother opposed it. And my dad and I said, “Come on. It’s okay!

Millie’s parents make sure she stays in school

The fact that Millie is successful as an actor is just a bonus in their eyes. They make sure she concentrates on her education and completes her tasks. Robert asserts that it aids Millie in maintaining equilibrium in a fast-paced field. Robert stated to the Daily Mail that Millie shouldn’t feel pressured. She is young. She has homework and errands to complete. The rest is just a bonus.

Following TikToker Hunter Echo’s admission of grooming Millie, fans condemned her parents for failing to take care of their child.

Hunter Echo revealed that he had groomed Millie Bobby Brown in a scary Instagram Live session that was posted in July 2021. In grooming, an adult controls a minor in exchange for sexual favors.

Hunter went so far as to talk about his purported sex acts with Millie. Hunter’s assertion that Millie’s parents permitted him to live with Millie for eight months was possibly the most shocking one.

People on Twitter condemned Bobby’s parents for abandoning their child and manipulating her for financial gain. According to Millie’s representatives, Mr. Ecimovic’s comments on social media are not just dishonest but also reckless, rude, and hateful.

The legal defense team for Millie threatened to sue Hunter. Neither Millie nor her parents have commented in the media about the situation.

Hunter, on the other side, expressed regret for his offensive remarks. He said that drinking had influenced his bad choices. Hunter stated in a since-deleted TikTok video:

“I’m not at all proud of it, or of the way I spoke. It looked awful and sounded quite juvenile. I regret having done that live webcast. I ought to have stopped it, but I didn’t. It appeared terrible on my family, me, and my pals.

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