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Michele Wang’s Love Story Has Survived 24 Years


In one of her 2018 YouTube videos, luxury beauty, and lifestyle content maker Michele Wang says, “My husband and I have been married for 22 years.”

Aside from a good job and a large financial worth, the YouTuber enjoys a long-lasting happy marriage with her beloved husband.

What is the Net Worth of Michele Wang? Salary, Earnings

As a prominent YouTuber who has been making engaging lifestyle and beauty material since 2011, she most likely has a net worth of over a million dollars, which is completely justified by her extravagant lifestyle.

Based on the views her videos have received, her YouTube videos produce a yearly income ranging from 2.5 thousand to 39.3 thousand dollars, according to a Social Blade study.

Her business venture, By Michele Wang, which produces high-end quality shawls, contributes significantly to her net worth. Furthermore, being a well-known internet celebrity, various firms approach her for brand endorsement, earning her substantial money.

While Michele’s YouTube video has kept her subscribers engaged for a decade, her successful career as an internet personality has blessed her with a tremendous net worth.

Michele Wang- Relationship, Married Life

Michele Wang, 48, turned to her YouTube page to give her fans an inside look into her nearly 25-year marriage to Miguel. In response to her followers’ questions in the video, she stated that her first contact with her spouse occurred during one of her sophomore classes at New York University.

She had a crush on him at first sight but didn’t do anything about it other than pursuing him. For the next three years, the stalking persisted. Her husband was always in a relationship, which never offered her a fair opportunity to strike up a discussion because she was too bashful to make her move.

It wasn’t until a year after graduation that the two met at a party and talked for the first time, and they eventually started dating in 1996. Michele and her husband married after dating for nearly 12 years. To be more precise, they eloped.

As she explained in her video, she does not enjoy wedding planning, therefore they eloped to avoid the stress of the wedding ceremony. Even though they have been together for a long time, they do not have children. Instead, they are responsible for their pet dog.

Miguel is Michele’s husband’s name

While Michele is proud of her Asian heritage, her husband, age 48, is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. Michele and her husband, Miguel, are both business majors at New York University.

Miguel is presently employed in the financial sector. After a period of searching for a precise professional path, he eventually became a mortgage bond dealer for some time.

Michele’s husband changed careers once the couple relocated to Las Vegas, and he now works in the financial management industry. With both husband and wife doing well in their separate fields, the couple just purchased a property in Las Vegas. Michele bought a home in Las Vegas.

Michele took her YouTube viewers on a tour of her newly purchased residence in Las Vegas on July 3, 2021. She began by displaying the lovely, unusual chandelier that hung directly outside the enormous black entrance door.

When I opened the front door, there was a large entryway with a double glass wall on the other side that looked out to the swimming pool and a fireplace beside the glass wall.

The two-story residences had a lovely curving stairway. With enough windows strategically placed around the house, it appeared colorful, light, and airy.

The YouTuber expressed her surprise at her massive new home after previously living in a modest one. Given how lavishly the house is built over a huge area, it’s no surprise that it cost her a fortune.

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