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Meteorologist: Where Is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV? New Job

Angelica Campos

Angelica Campos: Where Is She Going? After the meteorologist said she was leaving her position at KGTV, viewers were keen to learn about her new career.

The field of broadcast meteorology has been greatly affected by the extraordinary ability of meteorologist Angelica Campos.

Thanks to her passion for weather forecasting and dedication to giving viewers accurate information, the meteorologist has established herself as a trustworthy source of information in the industry.

Angelica’s journey to become a well-known meteorologist started when she and her family immigrated to the US when she was thirteen years old.

The meteorologist grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she was born. Despite having no prior English language proficiency, Campos excelled in the classroom and was given a scholarship to further her education.

Angelica graduated from Mississippi State University’s mass communications program and West Georgia University’s broadcast meteorology program.

Because of her expertise, genuine enthusiasm for meteorology, and commitment to community service, Campos has become well-known in the field.

Because of her kindness and ability to explain complex meteorological data, she is a well-known meteorologist and an inspiration to many.

After leaving KGTV, where is Angelica Campos heading? New Employment

Is Angelica Campos heading somewhere? Since KGTV recently revealed that the meteorologist had left the position, many people are attempting to find out the explanation.

Angelica has been employed full-time as the nightly meteorologist at KGTV Channel 10 for more than eight years.

However, Campos left her position to spend more time with her family, which prompted others to wonder, “Where is Angelica Campos going?”

KGTV honored the seasoned meteorologist by showcasing some of her best work and memorable events that were captured on camera.

Campos’s coworkers also use the brief, posted clip to offer their affection and best wishes for her future.

Regretfully, Angelica has not disclosed the location of her new employment or the program she will replace.

The meteorologist may eventually use social media to announce her new position, providing the long-awaited answer to the popular query, “Where is Angelica Campos going?”

However, based on what is implied by her LinkedIn profile, it is quite likely that Angelica will work as a meteorologist in her new position.

Campos has years of expertise in meteorology and worked on three different networks as a meteorologist from 2007 to 2023.

Highlights of Angelica Campos’s Career

Angelica Campos, who had a strong academic background, began working at AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania.

It was there that the meteorologist honed her linguistic skills, forecasting in both English and Spanish for stations throughout the US and other countries including Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Canada.

Her meteorological expertise and captivating on-screen presence drew the attention of Fox8 News in Cleveland, Ohio, where she served as the morning and weekend meteorologist, prior to her joining ABC10 (KGTV) in San Diego.

At ABC10, Angelica gained recognition for her weather reports on a number of newscasts, including The Now.

The meteorologist spent eight years working as an evening meteorologist for KGTV Channel 10 between June 2015 and May 2023, according to her LinkedIn page.

Aside from her professional responsibilities, Angelica has a variety of hobbies and interests. She enjoys exercising with activities including hiking, skydiving, cycling, and running.

She also likes to conduct outdoor activities like surfing. Campos also cherishes her time with her beloved kitties, Doppler and Jasmine.

Beyond only her work as a meteorologist, Angelica is dedicated to changing the world.

She embodies the expression “Yes You Can,” encouraging others to believe in their abilities and surround themselves with uplifting people in order to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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